Taken (2008)

Watched Taken at zhu’s house today. This movie is really very nice. Really…. Very exciting. I did not fall a sleep while watching because it’s nice from the beginning of the movie πŸ˜› The main actor which is called Brayn in the show has a supernatural skills. He reacted faster than anyone and he is a brilliant guy. I shall not say what kind of skill. Till you watch it, you will know. A damn nice movie which is worth your time watching. But but but it’s not showing in Cinema. Yeah…. Do watch it…… Enjoy πŸ˜›


I am sick

Oh my god, I am falling sick. Had low fever yesterday but after eating panadol, I was fine. Then today, the fever came back again. So sick la. My throat felt so uncomtable while sleeping so I did not sleep well.

Ok lets talk about today. Lesson started at 8:30am and I think that’s very early. The first lesson was practical. Sometime I hate doing practical because got ERROR. When errors appear, I started to feel very pek cek. Don’t why. Ha Ha. But with zhu’s help, the error is gone. I don’t like debugging. Very ma fan. Anyway, the first lesson last for 3 hours. Break…………….. Go for the next lesson.

After school, we actually planned to go habour front to have lunch but zhu’s “friend” to be called and said that his AGNES B jeans had arrived. SO HAPPY…… Zhu this kan chong spider straight away drove to Orchard to collect his jean. He had been waiting for that jeans to arrvie for a couple of days. Actually he reserved size 30 but it’s a bit baggy for him so it don’t really look nice. He tried size 28 and it looked so much better. Fit him. His hip bone is too big so when he button up, it’s a bit tight. In the end, he got himself size 28 because the sales person said that it will loosen. Yeah…. Zhu happy le lo. Ha Ha.

Next, we went to had lunch around Orchard Area. After that, home sweet home.

Went to zhu’s house and sleep because I don’t feel well πŸ™‚

Nothing much. Goodnight. I love you

High School Musical 3

Went to watch High School Musical 3 at West Mall with my Xiao Mei. The movie was nice but not much story line. It’s all about singing and dancing. Super a lot of singing. Therefore guys don’t like to watch. Right? We reached there quite late but luckily there’s still back seats for us. There’s a lot of kids watching also. Gabriella looks abit different because she has grown abit fatter. Troy is as good looking as before. Ha Ha. Girl will like it πŸ™‚

Secondary School Friends Gathering

Haven met that group of secondary school friends for about 2 years. Some of the guys have grown quite tall. One example is Yao Qing. He’s like suddenly so tall la. Last time he was fat and quite short. And one more, Gim Yong, you haveto go on diet le because you are growing the wrong direction. Ok I am so bad. Ha Ha.

Met them 5pm at Clementi but most of them were late. Kitty and I were late, they came later than us. When everyone was present, we went for steamboat behind Bugis Junction. I forgot what the name. Is it Chong Qing Huo Guo? There’s super a lot of people eating down there. Full house. I didn’t eat a lot because I don’t feel like. The China lady’s attitude sucks. She’s damn noisy. Kept asking us to stir the soup. Say once enough. So irritating. Anyway, the steamboat cost us $18 and I think it’s quite expensive. Somemore, it’s so damn hot over there.

After dinner, we went back to Bugis Junction without knowing what to do next. Oh yes, Khai Fang and Hui Fen came to join us after dinner. They have been together very long. Think about 5 years since secondary school. They are still the same. Ok, so they stood there and play psp. So bo liao. Wait…………….. Finally they came out with something to do. BOWLING. But I did not join them, instead I went to find zhu and his family. They were eating at bugis. I was so clever that I knew they were eating at teppanyaki. Ha ha. So smart rite. Muhahaha.

Went to his house after they finished eating their dinner. That’s about it. No pictures for today. Goodnight.


We went for shopping at Orchard after school which was 3pm. So kind of our lecturer to release us early by one hour. He said: “The lesson is so dry so the only motivation I can give is to release you early”. He’s quite a good lecturer. So after lesson, zhu zhu drove to Orchard.

Intended to go shopping because there’s sales going on in Wisma Agnes B Homme. It was a 10% sales. By the way, that is a new outlet. Ok, so zhu zhu got himself a Black Coated Jeans and later on went back to buy a Black Polo Tee. He bought the black coated jeans because he saw one of the staff wearing and it looks good. But it looks abit different when zhu zhu wear it because it’s not that skinny. I guess the staff went to alter it. I like the Polo Tee. It’s simple and nice. Ha Ha. Zhu, you wear also nice but the jeans looks a bit baggy. In total, zhu spent $400++ for one set of clothes. SO EXPENSIVE. I can buy a lot of sets.

Now my turn to do shopping. Far East Plaza is the place I shop for clothes. Ha Ha. Yeah. We walked around for quite a while and I finally found my skirt. A shirt that is below my knee. That’s the only skirt I got for myself which is below my knee. Ha Ha. Reason being, I am not used to wearing long skirt. Ha Ha. After that we went back to wisma because zhu had decided to buy that Polo Tee. On the way to Agnes B, I shun bian shopped for my scandals. Yes I saw one at Pretty Fit and I bought it. Zhu paid for me first because I got no more money left. So poor thing. Ha Ha. Zhu said: “No money still wanna buy”. I said: “You pay for me first la”. Still wanna walked out of the shop. So bad >.< In total, I spent $62 for my skirt and scandals. So happy that I got my things. Ha Ha



Dinner time. We went to Fish & Co at Heren for dinner. There’s this promotion for Citibank Credit Card Holder. It’s a one for one promo. Yup we had fish and chips for our dinner. Zhu got no money le. We ordered fish & chips and one glass of drink (Dunno what’s that call). That glass of drink is damn big and heavy. Got to use both hands to hold it. Oh ya, the service there is quite good. Yeah, that’s about it.



zhu zhu


I have a number of textbooks which I bought it in year 1 and year 2. Decided to sell it away in school. We went to asked whether they are still collecting textbooks. Yes they are still collecting but not all textbooks. I realised that most of my textbooks are outdated. So forget it lo. Keep it for reference in the future. Waste my effort bringing so many textbooks to school >.<


Oh yes, I think that our Final Year Project has been selected. Only the best two projects have been selected for this Spinovex. Congratualation to everyone in our group especially my zhu πŸ™‚