Exam is around the corner

Exam is around the corner and I have to start mugging.

Shit. The first paper is ERP. It’s a module that I totally did not listen in class. Reason being, the lecturer is to boring. She is a boring person and this lead to her having a boring lesson. She can teach for the full 3 hours but students attention span are short. Basically that’s poly students. I suggest her to teach in Secondary School due to the fact that she is not flexible enough. Seriously don’t like the way she conduct her lesson.

I guess I will have a hard time mugging for this module. Sian. For the other 2 modules, not that bad because I did listen in class. Hope that I can score well this time round. In order to score well, I will need to study hard. Ha Ha.

Anyway, I have got 3 test for MST.

  1. ERP (Monday)
  2. DMDW (Wednesday)
  3. SEMP (Friday)



Agnes B Ear Stud

Agnes B Ear Stud

Agnes B Ear Stud

This is the Agnes B Ear Stud that I got for myself.

I cost me $81. I like it ….

The sales girl told me that it will tanish eaily but from my experience, I think it won’t turn black so easily.

Clean it and dry it, that will do.

Gotten my pay

Finally I got my pay for the Home Electronic Fair. We went to collect in the afternoon. So shiok. Ha Ha. But before getting my pay, I have already spent $81 for the Agnes B ear studs 🙂

I think that’s the first time I went to Audio House in Liang Court. It’s quite big because it occupy the whole level 4. Reach there and went to look for Jasmine. She’s a friendly and nice lady. She kept saying that I am not in need of money because I was the last to collect my pay 🙂

After collecting my pay, we went to eat Japanese food. It’s located at Liang Court also. The katsu curry was nice. I shared with his mum because the portion was quite big. Cannot eat too much.

Zhu went to meet his table tennis friend at Plaza Sing after lunch and then I went home.


Today our lesson ended at 1pm. Actually its suppose to end at 3 but our Elective class were cancelled. So shiok. Ha ha.

After school dismissed, me and zhu went to IMM for our lunch. We had MAC for our lunch. So so unhealthy. Think we ate MAC quite a lot of times. I am gonna grow fat soon. I wanted to eat Hong Kong dishes but zhu didn’t want. He wanted to eat MOS but I don’t feel like eating burger. Sian lo. That’s why we decided to eat MAC.

Went back to school to wait for friends after lunch at foodcourt 5. it’s damn bloody cold can. I was shivering down there. Around 3 to 4 plus, we went to Agnes B at Wisma. There’s promotion going on at Agnes B. I am not very sure what’s the promotion. Anyway, this is the first day of the promotion. You need at least $500 to get the discount so zhu zhu was asking around whether anyone wants to buy anything from Agnes B. Ha Ha. We stayed in there for quite long because he was trying the top that he wanted to buy.

I realised that the material for the black top and the white top is a bit different. The material for the black top looks fine whereas for the white ones, it’s a bit thin. The sales person said that it’s the same material but I don’t think so.

Actually after shopping, I planned to go and take my pay for the Home Electronic Fair but the Jasmine, the person-in-charge called saying that she will be leaving at 7.30pm. It’s a bit rush so I decided to collect tomorrow.

We went to join Han, Sam and Tar for dinner. Guess what? Fast food again. I am damn sick of fast food. Really. Zhu bought a set of meal and we shared. No fast food for the next few days pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. We had Burger King. Think we sat there for quite a long time because everyone of us was tired. Sat down there, talk, relax.

Went shopping a while after dinner and then home sweet home. Why? Because zhu was chasing after the 10pm Ch U Hong Kong series. NICE!!!!

Me & Zhu

Me & Zhu

Zhu, Han & Sam

Zhu, Han & Sam

Han & Me

Han & Me

Sam & Me

Sam & Me

The Food Safari & Home Electronics Fair

I have been working at the fair for the past three days. Actually I am suppose to be a cashier, but there’s enough people to work as a cashier. So I was being asked to work at the sales job because I went there late during the first day of work. Not such if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. At first I thought that the sales job is to promote the product but no, what I had to do was to open invoice. It’s a simple job. Ha Ha. Anyway, I worked at Aqua SHARP LCD area.

The first day of work was the most tiring one because I had to stand the whole day. By right there should be chair for us to sit but they lacked of chairs. So when I felt tired and there’s no customer, I went to the cashier area to rest for a while. The promoters that I worked with were quite friendly. Some of them does not work as a promoter but they were asked to help up in the fair. I think the sales for the first day was quite good. A lot of LCD were sold when the promotions were announced. Quite a number of customers purchased 42 inch at $1199. By the way, the promotions are always the same. They said the model, I knew the price already. Ha Ha. “Hourly promotion”

Second day of work, I was early but not very early. When I reached there, I was asked to prepare a 20 pieces of invoice for the 32 inch selling at $499. Only the first 20 customers are able to get at this price. A lot of people queueing outside at around 10:15am. I guess they were all queueing up to get the 32 inch LCD. Hot promotion. The second day was not so tiring. All thanks to Jia Hao because he brought a chair for me from the collection point. Thank you so much. There were other ladies who helped to write the invoice. We took turns to sit down 🙂 Same as the first day, when the promotion was announced, a lot of people will gather around to do document. They buy like don’t need money. The thing that i hate most was waiting for the delivery book arrangement because there’s only one copy. Got to queue up for that book. Sick. Other than that it was fine. After work, zhu zhu came and fetched me and we went to his friend 20th birthday at Discovery Bar @ Chijmes. That was the first time I went there. The environment was quite good even though its a bit noisy. Went there for a while because I still had to work the next day.

Last day of work was a bit more busy but still managable. I remember there’s this aunty who kept asking me to let her sign the invoice. Damn it, she’s of kan chiong la. Scare don’t have ar. Cannot stand her. So busy still as me to quick. Then when she sign, her hand was like shivering because she’s really scared no more stock. Not I wanna say her ar. So funny. Another case was that a customer lost his invoice and it’s already chopped paid. His mum came back to me and asked whether if I returned his copy to him. I was very sure that I returned it to him. Then there’s this china lady from audio house kept telling him that she can’t do anything because any one can take and collect. Actually nothing can’t be done. After that the manager asked them to void that invoice number. The customer must be damn pissed off when she kept telling him she can’t do anything. This fair ended at 10 +. Once all the customers were gone, they got to start tearing everything down. They got to get it done that day. So rush. After work, home sweet home.

Overall, working there was quite fun even though I am not a cashier. Thanks to zhu zhu for fetching me home everyday. I love you.

That’s about it. Goodnight.

Toshiba Laptop

I am bringing my laptop down to  Toshiba centre for diagnose on Wednesday. All thanks to zhu’s mother because she wrote in to the management side. It’s just for diagnose only but not repair. After diagnose then see what they say. I guess repairing it will cost a lot. But but but, my dad still insist on repairing.

My sis has also finish studying her degree so she decided to pass the laptop she bought recently to me. Ha Ha Ha.

That’s all…. Goodbye.

Toshiba Satellite M100

My Toshiba laptop is gonna become useless. My LCD screen spoilt. Gosh, damn sad la. This laptop cost like $2600 and its life span is less than 3 years. All thanks to my cousin. With $2600, I can buy two laptops. Now have to spend money to either repair that stupid laptop or to buy a new one

First – Motherboard spoil

Second – Charger spoil

Third – Battery spoil

Forth – LCD screen spoil

Most parts of the laptop are spoiled. If I were to repair all these, it will cost like 600 bucks not including the mother board. So sad.