Adidas Running Shoes SL 72

Finally I found the running shoes that I want. Previously I went to Queensway to shop, I very first shoes that I saw caught my eyes. The model is SL 72 and it’s selling at $111 after discount. From there, I walked around to looked for the particular shoes with a better price. The second shop that I went offered $97. To my disappointment, there was no size of mine. The smallest size was US 7. Continue looking…….. Found another one but same thing…… No size.

We stopped looking after walking 2 rounds.

Today, we went to check out whether there’s this model with my size at adidas outlet. Adidas is having sales now. 30% for selected item plus 10% for Citibank. We went to the one at Vivocity and I found it. They don’t have my size in that outlet but there’s one more pair left at The Cathay’s outlet. So we head down to The Cathay. Finally I got it. After all the discount, it’s $87.70. This shows that Queensway is not the cheapest place to buy sports stuff.

That running shoes is nice to wear because it’s light. I am not sure if it’s adizero but it’s really light. It’s a combination of red and yellow color.





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