21/12/08 – 27/12/08

Fashion Show in Hougang & Christmas Present (21/12/08)

Me and Zhi Wei

Me and Zhi Wei

My sis and I went to help Jian Ying for the fashion show. It’s actually a bazaar so you roughly know what kind of environment it is. It was damn hot over there. Keep sweating and sweating. We went there for the fashion show only. We were suppose to reach at 5pm but we were super later because we went to shop for Christmas present at Orchard. I knew what I gonna buy but my sis got no idea. So we went to look around. Got a lot of hair clips for sisters’ exchange gift and bought an Agnes B DIY Black T-Shirt for zhu zhu. Know how I came out with the idea of buying clips? Because I realised that I am looking for clips. Ha Ha. Got zhu zhu the Agnes B DIY Black T-Shirt because previously he said that he like it and feel like buying. Zhu, now you know why I was late that day.

St James to celebrate Daryl’s Birthday (21/12/08)

Zhu zhu and I reached St James at 11pm if I am not wrong. That was the first time we went to St James. There’s a lot of people queuing up to go in. Seriously a lot of people. Not everyone was present when we reached there. But luckily, we did not have to queue up to go in if not my legs will break 🙂 They opened Martel which cost $180. After drinking, we went to the dance floor. In ht dance floor, there was only space for you to stand but not dance because it’s really too crowded and it’s damn hot in there. There was this group of people shake like no body’s business. They dance and bang onto others especially the fat lady. Dance can but don’t have to keep banging on others. Anyway, she bang onto Wu Han. Poor thing. Went back to our seat after a while because it’s too hot in there.

Leave St James at 2+ or 3+ am and proceed to Mac at Habour Front. Guys were hungry. It’s quite far to walk from St James to Habour Front. After eating, home sweet home.

Sunday (22/12/08)


Me and Kai Ying

I went out with zhu zhu and his family. We went to Orchard to shop for Kai Ying’s Clothing if I am not wrong. Shopping at Takashimaya. After that, we went for dinner at Sunset Grill at Seletar East Camp. Yum Yum. This time round, we did not lost our way. When you reached the seletar camp, just follow the east camp sign and you will not get lost. Their buffalo wing is the best. Very nice and spicy. This time round, we ordered level 4. Just nice for me but zhu sweat like hell. Ha Ha. My sister wanted to eat so I packed it back for her. After that, we went for second round at Hougang Coffe shop near Terry Uncle’s house. The prawn with the gravy was damn nice. I am not sure where was that place also. We had prawns, crab and crab boon hoon. Gonna gain weight soon 😦

Went to Terry’s uncle house after the second round of meal. Kai Ying got lots of toy. It’s so cute. I like it. Ha Ha. Play with her next time I go her house. It’s really damn cute. Stayed there for a while then we went off because I need to go home. Ha ha

Christmas Eve (24/12/08)


Nothing much to talk about during christmas eve becasue we did not go anywhere. We guessed that everywhere is crowded so we were lazy to go out. We went to had our dinner at Crystal Jade at Great World after his mum came back from work which was quite late. After that home sweet home. To his house not my house.

Decided to watch mignight movie. Actually zhu wanted to watch Ip Man but everywhere was full house. Maybe not full house but left with those bad seats only Great World. But they do not have Ip Man so we watched  Yes Man. Zhu like to watch man. Ha Ha. Both movie with man behind. It’s a comdey.

I think that Yes Man is nice. That man called Carl is very humerous. Ha Ha. Watch it and you will know why. 8 out of 10 for that movie. Worth watching.

Christmas (25/12/08)


Celebrated Christmas with my family. In the afternoon, we went to eat Tim Sum at Mayim (West Mall). Mayim Tim Sum is cheap and quite nice for me. Then after that we went to M1 because my dad wanna upgrade his phone. Currently he’s using a China phone and that phone is damn expensive can. Don’t why my dad bought it. Kind of stupid. Anyway, my dad upgraded his phone to E71! E71 is damn chio. Very classic. I wanna change phone with him >.< While waiting for our turn, my sis came to join us as well as James. My sis got a new phone too. Rarely see that phone but soon a lot of people will carry it. She’s able to get a new phone because my dad sign another new line. M1 is having a promotion now. If you have signed 3 lines, you will get a 20% or 25% off from the total bill. So my dad register another that cost $12++ per month. Two more new phone.

Oh ya, I wanna comment about the staff at the service counter. She’s damn attitude. If you ask any question, she replied you in a damn impatient way. She should not be at the service counter. Sucky attitude.

When we were home and I am doing MCOM, zhu zhu pop out from no where. That really surprise me. Really. Ha Ha. Never expect you to come. I love you so much. He came to pass me Christmas present, log cake and a bear bear. So sweet of him. Ha Ha. Thank you. I appreciate it.


Went to Raffles Marina for Dinner. It’s located at Tuas. Quite Ulu. My elder sis suggested to go there. I can say that the environment there was good. Very windy and there’s a lot of yatch. Some were damn nice. Back. I ordered Nasi Brayani and it’s quite a big portion. It’s nice but not that fantastic. The total bill was $130+. Walked around that place after dinner. My dad love that place a lot because he can fish over there. Ha ha. He is gonna go there next time. Nice place to Part Tor. Muhaha. Romantic. Time to go home.

TopOne KTV (26/12/08)






Went for K session with my cousins at TopOne. It’s a good place to sing K because the price is reasonable, long hours and environment not bad. It’s located at Bugis opposite Bugis Junction. We paid $16 for 7 hours of singing. From 11am – 6pm. Sing until damn tired. The only thing that I did not like was there’s not controller. Very incovenient. Yup. They provide free flow of drinks but I only drank one cup because it’s not nice.

Christmas Present from Zhu zhu

Agnes B Bag Charm








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