Chinese New Year

2 more days to Chinese New Year which means that a lot of projects are gonna due soon. Everyone is so busy working on projects. Freaking a lot of projects. I guess I will still have to continue with my projects during Chinese New Year. This does not apply to me but everyone in year three. Good luck.

Haven’t been blogging for quite a while so let me update a bit about my current life.

For the past few days, I had been staying in school till quite late. Know why? Reason being the project require software that is only available in school therefore we cannot do it at home.

When I reached home, straight away i will on my laptop. After bathing, I continue with my work.

That’s my current life. Sound pathetic right? Ha Ha. Bear for a few days more and it’s over.

Go to start mugging after my project because I do not want to screw up with my last exam. I need a good GPA to pull up my current cumulative GPA.

That’s all. The next update will be after all my projects have submitted.


Bugis Street

My sister and I went to Bugis Street on Sunday to get our Chinese New Year Clothes. Bugis Street was flooded with human especially when Chinese New Year is around the corner. Most of the times, we got to squeeze with others to get to another area. It was very warm and stuffy but still continue shopping. The clothings are cheap. This time round, we bought simple clothes so that we will wear it during the normal days. For the past few years, we bought clothings that we seldom wear. Such a waste. I bought 3 top and 1 tights and for my sis, she bought 5 pieces of clothes. In total, we spent $100 dollar for 9 pieces of clothes. Not bad huh. I found the shirt I am looking for. Finally. I short of a pair of shoes and a shorts and I am done.

We went straight home after shopping.

Spinnovex 2009

3 days of Spinnovex has come to an end. We took turns to look after our booth for the past 3 days. It was kind of bored because we had got nothing to attract people to our booth but only 2 laptops. Ha Ha. There’s a total of 80 projects show case in Spinnovex. 8 of the projects from DMIT. We are one of them. So glad. Not only that, we also achieved a Gold award for Spinnovex. We received this certificate on the last day of Spinnovex. This certificate will be very useful for our portfolio. Thank you zhu zhu. Our effort pay off.

Overall, this is a very good experience for me!



















29 Months Anniversary


Zhu Zhu, a few minutes ago was our 29 Months Anniversary. We have been together for 29 months already and I think that is fast. I have confidence that we have 100 more years to go. Throughout this 29 months, everything has been going smooth for us except for some minor quarrels and all these can be solved within a few hours.  You habe been a very nice lao gong to me. Always bully me and give me a chop in my card huh even if I did not get owned by you! You anyhow. Next time is my turn to give you a chop. Muhahaha.

We did not celebrate for 2 months already. On the 28th month, we were having exam. On the 29th month, you need to stay at home and complete the project but we did manage to go shopping for just a little while. Xin Ku Ni Le. Do take care of yourself wor. Don’t overworked. Take some rest before continuing. For me, I will work on the other project. So boring. Most projects end this month. Good luck to us huh.

Before ending, I wish us

Happy 29th Month Anniversary!


There’s a lot of project to be completed by end of this month. So sian. I feel so guilty because I am not helping zhu zhu in one of the project. It’s called Advance Internet Technology. I think this is a very difficult module. Ahh…. So sorry… I am not doing anything. Got to start working on the rest of the project while zhu zhu is working on that. Jia You!

Happy New Year Everyone

So where do you celebrate your new year eve?

Let me tell you where did I go.











I went to K-Box at Chinatown with zhu zhu and his family. Today K-Box is damn freaking expensive. Normal days it cost us $14.90+ and today it cost $38++. Furthermore, the singing session was from 8.30pm to 11.30pm. We were asked to leave at 11.20pm because there’s alot of people and they did not have enough room. We got a $20 voucher for leaving early. $20 voucher is nothing because they can earn back just from one customer. After that, we walked to Central.



On the way to Central, we passed by the speakers’ corner we saw this. Kind of interesting huh. Ha Ha.




Count down at Central and then home sweet home!