Off to Japan

About to leave house soon.


It has come to an end

Poly life has ended today. No more projects no more exams. I will miss poly life.

After 3 weeks of projects and 3 weeks of exams, it has finally come to an end. And now I am gonna enjoy to the max because I know that I have worked hard enough for everything. Therefore, it’s time for me to take a short break before I proceed on to find a job.

I really got to work because I am gonna owe his mum alot of money for the Japan trip. Definitely I will return.

After Japan trips, I am gonna meet up with all my girls first before finding a job. Ha Ha.

It’s been long since we meet up.

I will be flying off tomorrow night and will be back on the 12 March.

Anyway, today’s exam was very fine. I answered every question and of course it’s correct. So happy. No more worries. After exam, I accompanied lao gong for his hair cut at Kim Robbinson located at Great World Office Tower. The hair dressers there were damn professional and friendly. They dresses very smartly. That person who cut for lao gong is named after Randy. The hairstyle that he cut was nice. But the price is rather expensive. It cost $90+ for a guy to cut his hair so for ladies it will be more expensive. After Japan, it will be my turn to cut my hair. This is actually a complimentary given for all SP students.



















Korean Series

I am in love with Korean Series.

I know what you are gonna say. You will say this kind of show is boring.

While I am watching, you will be sleeping or rather surf net.

Ha Ha

1 down 2 more to go

Finally one more paper is down.

The exam started rather late today. It started from 6 pm to 810pm. I made full use of the time. Double checked my work multiple times as I was not too sure about some of the questions.

Overall the paper was fine.

I can sell that book back to her. NO MORE DMDW.

Coming up will be SEMP and AITEC.

AITEC should not be an exam instead it should be just a test because this coming paper only weight 30%.

Kind of sick. They should schedule AITEC test last week instead of this week. Others will be enjoying and we are still mugging.