Swine Flu

Swine Flu is spreading from country to country. It’s pretty scary because this virus has already killed a number of life. Just hope that it wouldn’t spread to Singapore but I think less likely because air is everywhere. To people working in the hospital, do take extra precaution.

If Swine Flu were to spread to Hong Kong, our trip to Maccau will be cancel. This is real bad. The previous plan was to go Bangkok and Bangkok turned out to be such a mess. This time round, the plan is to go Maccau and here comes the outbreak of Swine Flu. Disaster around the world. Perhaps, this is a bad year.


SMU Acceptance

SMU has accepted me. I am happy but I am waiting for NUS reply. I am happy because I did not screw up during the interview.

It’s Saturday

How did you spend your Saturday? I spent mine with my lao gong. It’s the only day I spent with him because I am working on weekdays and stay at home on Sunday. Hope you don’t mind. If you mine, you are welcome to come over to my house and accompany me. Anyway, lao gong will be enlisting on the 6th of October which means that he’s half a year away from his enlistment date. Hope that he is able to find his programming job instead of slacking at home 🙂

I sent my N82 for repair again. One month ago, I sent in once and now it’s still the same problem. I doubt they did change anything the previous time. We went to nokia service centre located at Suntec City because the queue is short. Hopefully I don’t have to go back again.

We proceed on to Aston for lunch. I had cream of mushroom and lao gong had steak. The food there were fine and worth eating because it doesn’t cost much. Cream of mushroom taster rather good.  Here’s the picture of the food. Sorry if I make you hungry 🙂






Cream of Mushroom


Root Beer


Prime Sirloin. The fries is nice.

After lunch, we went for movie called The International. I wanted to watch 17 Again but lao gong don’t wanna watch that show so we end up watching “The International”. In my opinion, I think this movie is bad and confusing. There’s too many people appearing and there’s too many places. Basically I had got no idea what the whole movie is about. There’s quite a lot of talking in front part of the movie. So not really worth watching.


Proceed to Marina Barrage and this was the second time I went with lao gong. But this time round, we went in to the exhibit hall to look at the model of Marina Barrage and etc. I have never been in before. This time round, we did not go up because there’s a lot of people plus the weather was so damn humid. A lot of family went there for outing. So crowded. Next time round, I wanna go East coast park for roller blade 🙂



















End of my day. Goodnight!

One Month of Work

I have already worked in Lao Gong’s mum company for one month and I have gotten my salary. I don’t get the chance to spend the money because majority of it goes to my dad. Still owe him $1000 and there goes my next salary. I’ve learn quite a number of things in the office. Everyday I am doing different kind of task rather than fixed task. When ever I finish my work, I will asked around if anyone need me to do anything.

Feeling like working in other company. It’s not because it’s not good but I just want to experience working in other office. I have never worked in other office except in his mum office. If I were to work in other company, I won’t have time to go for driving. I wanna complete my driving as fast as possible because school reopen. But provided that the university accept me. Anyway, I haven’t got any reply from any universities. No news means good news huh.

I was thinking what I want to work as if I can’t get into university. Somehow, I always feel lost when I thought about that. Engage in IT line? But I am just not too good at it. Engage in my dad’s path? Maybe. I need to be more descipline if I want engage in this line. I need to stay at home every Sunday to learn from him. Really. It’s really time to think what I want.

Birthday Party

We went to Giselle and Lucas birthday party in the Evening. They are actually Lao gong’s nephew. It was located at Serangoon. Oh ya, we went to rent our graduation gown before going for the party. The rent it at Serangoon broadway. Renting actually cost $25 but we had to make a deposite of $50 if I am not wrong. I think that I look funny with the graduation gown on. Back to the birthday party. Giselle love to be a princess and she owns 4 different princess dresses. She wore Cinderalla’s dress today. So cute. Even her birthday cake was a castle. It’s a 3D cake. I guess it’s pretty expensive but it’s not that nice. After birthday party, home sweet home.









3D Birthday Cake









我還天天對你生氣 板著臉
時鐘才轉幾圈 有了轉變

雖然你滿身數不完 的缺點
完美小姐也不是我 的頭銜
越看就越順眼 我們之間
舒服得像 星期天
是命運緊緊把我們 綁在一起
越吵越甜蜜 越吵越愛你 越不分離
生活的難題 考驗著愛情
才顯得我們的努力 多麼值得被珍惜
是命運緊緊把我們 綁在一起
越吵越甜蜜 越吵越愛你 越不分離
麵包的滋味 有多香多甜
有你在身旁 才顯得完美

雖然你滿身數不完 的缺點
完美小姐也不是我 的頭銜
越看就越順眼 我們之間
舒服得像 星期天
是緣份 是愛情
是命運緊緊把我們 綁在一起
越吵越甜蜜 越吵越愛你 越不分離
生活的難題 考驗著愛情
才顯得我們的努力 多麼值得被珍惜
從今就緊緊的和你 綁在一起
不管壞天氣 不管壞心情 都不分離
麵包的滋味 有多香多甜
有你分享 有你分享 才是真完美

SMU Interview

I went for my SMU interview yesterday. That interview lasted around 2 hours. It may seems to be very long but when I am inside, I did not realise that the interview lasted for so long. Lao gong accompanied me to the interview and he settled down in TCC while waiting for me. Love ya.

The first hour of the interview was actually a preparation. Student of SMU brief us on what is the procedure during the interview. We walked around the room to look at the posters found on the wall. One of the poster shows how the estimation question goes about. I wasn’t feeling nervous at that point of time. I guess it’s because I had someone to talk to. Got to know a girl during the interview. Nice talking to her. Back* That SMU student gave us a article to read. The article wasn’t that difficult. We were supposed to remember what the article is about and summarised that article to the professor. After which, we were given a piece of paper to write something about ourself and lastly a video.

We moved to another room after the preparation to meet the professor. The professor was real friendly. He kept smiling to us. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous during the interview. I was asked to start first and here I go. Just said what’s on my mind and I guess I speak the shortest. Is that a good or bad? Maybe a yes, maybe a no. I was asked to picked the estimation question. Everyone of us was answering the same estimation question. There wasn’t any right or wrong answer for this. What I did was to explain how I got the estimated figure. And lastly to talk about yourself.

Everything was smooth during the interview but I am not too sure if I did well during the interview. Right now, I am anxiously waiting for the application result for SMU as well as NUS.