Family Day

My family and I went to nature park for volley ball as well as badminton. So fun but I was a bit weak today. I feel like vomiting when I got very exhausted. Not sure what’s the cause of it also. Maybe it’s because I drank too much water before playing. Anyway, it’s fun.









Happy Father’s Day!

It’s father’s day today. We celebrated at home because it’s gonna be very crowded today. Early in the morning, dad and mum cooked hao liao instead of us. Ha Ha. My dad said it’s daughter’s day not father’s day. Seems to be like this. Anyway, we only get a card for my dad and nothing else.


To my brilliant Daddy!

On Saturday, I went out with lao gong to Orchard again. Orchard is a place where we will go almost every week. We went there for movie as well as shopping. I have the urge to buy clothings but nothing seems to caught my eyes. Therefore, I only got one Nike top for myself. It’s time for me to go on diet else my tummy will get bigger and bigger. Kinda sad !


Anyway, we watched Dance Subaru. Story wise not that bad but movie wise a little boring because there’s too much talking. Lao gong kept yawning, I guess he’s bored. Subaru is real pretty and her little brother is so cute. Ha Ha.










Had dinner with kitty yesterday night after work. Realised that she got agitated half way through her conversation. So funny.


Happy Advance Birthday to my mum!

Firstly, I would like to wish my beloved mum a Very Happy Advance Birthday. She’s my best mummy! Love her so much even though she likes to nag at times. We celebrated her birthday yesterday because my sis is on night shift today. We went for dinner at East Coast’s jumbo seafood. The place was packed and that’s called economic crisis. Not that bad. Anyway, the food there wasn’t fantastic. But hope my mum enjoy it.

Cut cake session when we reached home! My sis bought a chocolate cake from Chocz. It tasted a little too sweet but still not that bad. My younger sis and I bought a foundation and a lip stick for her and I guess she like it. Lancome lipstick looks pretty good.

Mummy, hope you enjoyed yourself ….












I love my family!

I love lao gong!

Driving Lesson

Oh yes, I pass my final theory evaluation after attempting the second time. Doing more practice really helps as most of the questions are found in the practice booklet. After evaluation, I went for my 3rd practical lesson. Drove on road today and I think it’s pretty scary as you have to look out for other cars as well as frequent changing of gear. Not forgetting about stalling engine. Stall a few times on road because I did not accelerate enough. Turn on engine again, not enough acceleration and engine stall again. But my half clutch was pretty fine. There’s a few times when I was about to pass the traffic, the traffic light turned amber but I proceed on because I am not able to stop before the white line. I supposed should be the correct way ba. Ha Ha. Sometimes, I did go out of lane and the instructor hold my steering wheel and turn it back in lane. Motorcyclist like to pop out suddenly after the traffic turned green. Now I know why you hate them so much. After that, I drove the car home. I didn’t know that I can do that until the instructor told me. I thought he was kidding but it’s true. He said that if you are staying near by that area, you can drive back and drop off. The instructor will drive the car back. So people, if you are staying near that area, you can request to drop off at your estate. Anyway, today’s driving was fun. I have completed until 1.08.

After driving, I went out with my sis to Orchard to get my mum’s birthday gift. Got her some cosmetics from Lancome because she use it very often. We managed to get her gift pretty fast and next we head for dinner. Had our dinner at 4+ just to avoid the dinner crowd. Food Republic teppanyaki is the best. I love the way they cook their vege. Simply taste good. Feeling very full so we decided to walk around before going home..







I have got my graduation photo!

Graduation photo 01

Graduation photo 02


I have started my driving practical and I think its pretty fun. Ha Ha. My next lesson will be on 23 June which is quite far from now and I am afraid that I will forget. But I guess I will be able to pick up quickly. My final theory evaluation will be next Monday and I have yet to study for it. Got to study real soon. Anyway, can’t wait to go for the next practical lesson. Ha Ha.