First Day of School

Today is my first day of school. The first day of school, I went to the wrong classroom for class. There’s a few guys who are as blur as me. We was wondering why was there so few people in class when the class was about to start. So one of the guys went to check the other class with the same room number. Most of the students were in that classroom as well as the professor. Anyway, we went to a seminar room with the same class number instead of a classroom. This is so confusing.

We were separated into groups randomly for class activites. Perharps, for the next few weeks, we are gonna read articles and have some discussion in class. There’s already one class activites to be done for the very first lesson. That’s not the way. haha. Kinda lazy to do work right now. But we have to get it done by Wednesday because there’s another lesson on that day.

The prof who’s teaching this mod (Academic Writing) is Marianne Teo. She is pretty friendly for the first lesson. Not sure about the following lesson. haha


New place, New Environment

No more chance to slack like the last 5 months because I AM STARTING SCHOOL TOMORROW. Happy or sad? Happy because I am going to a new environment meeting new people. Sad because I need to study. Anyway, my timetable looks quite fine. I have one free day which is Thursday.

Tomorrow’s class start at 10:15am and ends at 11:45am. It’s some writing mods and I don’t really like writing because my English isn’t that good. Perharps I need to improve on my English. No idea how.

Got to sleep soon else tomorrow I cannot wake up. Goodnight 🙂

SMU Convocation

Today, I went for SMU Convocation. It’s actually a welcome ceremony for all Freshmens. We were seated according to the FTB group but I did not go for the camp neither did Stephy, my SIS camp mate. It’s kinda lonely sitting at the guest area. But fine, it’s ok. Anyway, convocation lasted for 3 hours.


Me and Stephy

After convocation, walked over to Marina Square to meet lao gong. We simply just walked around but not doing any shopping. Reason being, we were not that hungry for dinner. Actually, we decided to go N.Y.D.C for dinner at Suntec but it closed down. Pretty sad huh. So we went to Waraku for dinner. The management there was terrible because there’s only 2 waitress/waiter down there serving. Really bad. There’s something that I won’t forget to mention. Waiter from Waraku doesn’t like to refill my ice water. They can refill everyone’s ice water and forget about mine. Why? So sick.

Oh yes, dessert time. We went to Millenia Walk for yogurt ice cream. What I can say about the yogurt ice cream is ….. Bravo. It taste really good but it melt very fast. Even if it melts, it still taste as good because you can drink it like yogurt drink. Do drop by and try. Check out their website for more outlets.








A Great Day

Monday was a public holiday. Went out with lao gong for shopping as well as movie at Marina Square. He booked the ticket in advanced because it’s a public holiday and for sure ticket will be sold out if we bought it over there.


This movie cost $13 for each ticket because of the 3D specs. I supposed that specs is really expensive. Personally, I think that UP is not that nice. I am not sure if I was tired that day or was it the show that is boring that almost cause me to fall a sleep. Lao gong also almost fall a sleep. Maybe it’s the show.  But I can say that their 3D effect is good.

Before movie, we went to Aston for lunch at Suntec City. The queue was rather long but waited for 5 minutes to be seated. The price there is quite cheap. Maybe that is the reason why a lot of people is queuing for it. But it’s not that fantastic.





We went back home for a rest before going out for dinner. Head to Daimaru for Marutama Ra-Men. It’s the nicest Ra-men as compared to other. Japanese style ra-men. It comes with soup and noodle only. Nothing else yet its nice. Normally, I don’t one whole bowl of noodle by myself instead I share with his mum. This time round, I ate it by myself and I felt so full. Their Shoyu egg is nice. Must order.

My sister bought a toy poodle named Harley. He is only 2 months old and rather small in size. When he don’t move, he really looked like a toy. He has some skin problem but I hope that he will get well real soon.



Metamorphosis 2009

Metamorphosis is actually a orientation camp organise by School of Infor System. It’s been a long time since I go for camp. If I did not remember wrongly, the last camp that I went was Secondary 3. Anyway, I had a great time during this camp. We slept in classroom. Not that bad. The first night I couldn’t sleep well because  I’m not used to sleeping on the floor. The subsequent days, I was too tired to care whether it’s comfortable or not. Ha Ha.

It’s a camp for us to enjoy before school starts. Hope that I am able to do well and cope with my work. New environment.  1 more week before school starts. Manage to get all the mods that I bid for but I didn’t manage to get one of the proff that I want. Anyway, doesn’t matter la. At least I got it.

Last Day of Work

Friday was my last day of work because the following, I will be pretty busy with school stuff such as orientation briefing, camp, etc. Anyway school will start in 3 weeks time. New chapter of life, new study environment. Hopefully I am able to adapt to the environment fast.

Friday was also Li Xiang’s last day. Therefore, we had a fare well lunch at long beach. Thank you so much. I enjoy working in that environment as well as working with the staff in the office. Not only that, I also got to learn a lot of things from them 🙂




Mr Low






Josephine, Esther


Li Xiang