Girlfriend’s Day

Finally, we were out together for shopping. We planned a few dates previously but always failed to meet each other. Anyway, we went shopping at Far east. Usually, I don’t really go in to all the shop but this time round we did and it’s pretty tiring but it’s fun. I bought a short pants. Probably those clothes that I bought recently will be my new year clothes because I haven’t wear any of them yet. Headed to Kinokuniya to look for Japanese self learning book but all those books don’t seems to be very basic to me. So far, I think the one from page one is the best. We can share 😛 Stephy was craving for frozen yogurt. She said that yami yogurt is nice but we went for Frolick instead of that. But we had dinner before having Frolick. That’s about it. Sounds simple but we enjoyed ourselves.

I have tried using Majolica Mascara and I think it’s really good because my eye lashes looked curl up after applying. Previously when I used the brush ones, it doesn’t curl. By the way, Majolica’s mascara is designed in comb instead of brush. Easy to use! It’s $25.90 before discount. After 20% discount is $20.70.


Bodyguards and Assassins

Bodyguards and Assassins is a boring movie. I was expecting something more interesting but it turned out to be a disappointment. There was too much talking and not a lot fighting. This movie is a bit stupid because everyone died just to protect the Dr Sun. Furthermore, I thought IP man (don’t his name) was the main actor but he appeared a few times and died. He should have fight with that bad guy instead of dying. Overall, it’s a bad movie.

Again, we watched this movie at Vivo City on Saturday 0012AM. It was a bad timing to watch this movie because I almost fall asleep. In order to prevent myself from sleeping, I kept moving and can’t sit still. I guess a lot of people almost fall asleep and not only me. This shows how bad the movie is. ^-^

Avatar 3D

What I can comment about Avatar 3D is AWESOME. It’s a really really good movie and I would say that you MUST watch it. But do remember to watch it in 3D because their 3D effect is extremely good.  I shouldn’t tell you what the story is about.

We booked the ticket a few days before the movie is launched because we were quite sure that there won’t be any seats left if we booked on that day. We watched at Vivo City on Thursday at 1030pm. Avatar 3D lasted for 160 minutes which is 2 hours and 40 minutes. It’s a very long movie but it worth your time watching. Don’t miss it.

Couples Retreat

We went to Vivo City to watch movie. It’s called the Couples Retreat. This movie has been out for a period of time. We only watched it today because lao gong has 3 complimentary tickets. There wasn’t any nice show out currently so I chose to watch Couples Retreat. This is a NC16 movie and we got checked when we were about to enter the threatre which means that we look young. Ha Ha. I would say that it’s a great movie and it’s worth your time and money watching. The movie is about four couples going on a Holiday at Eden Resort. Got no idea where it is but it’s a very nice resort with extremely clear water. Do watch it if you have got the chance. Our next movie will be Avatar 3D on Thursday, 1030pm. I guess it will be a great movie as well ^^

East Coast Park

I was planning to go swimming today but ended up going to east coast park because I just rebonded my hair and I was afraid that the chlorine will damage my hair. Not too sure it will damage my hair. Haven’t been to east coast park ever since lao gong serve NS because his legs are too tired to blade. Therefore, we have to do everything during his block leave and my holiday. We reached there at 1pm if I’m not wrong and the weather was freaking hot. Started bladding from Mac and ended at Bedok Jetty. I have the habit of holding lao gong’s hand when I blade because I feel more secure. We stayed down there for 2 hours only because there’s nothing to do other than bladding.

We went to Vivo city for Frozen Yogurt called OIO. It’s a newly open stall. Their yogurt taste good. It’s about the same as Frolick but it taste a bit sweeter. We ordered the biggest cup which cost $7. Do give a try.

That’s about it for today. Bye!

Passing Out Parade – Pegasus

After 3 months of training in Tekong, you have finally passed out. You have been waiting for this days to come. Congratulation! I guess every one must be extremely happy. I am glad that you got a ticket for me to witness that you have graduated from Tekong. Ha Ha. But I know you are going to say that there’s still a long way to go. At least, you have already gone through one stage. Jia you for the rest of your NS life ^^

That’s about it. Bye!

Wonderful Weekends <3

Weekends are the day I enjoyed the most because I put away my work and accompany my dearest lao gong. However, the places that we go are either Orchard or Vivo City. Sounds a little boring but it’s the matter of who you go with. Anyway, we went to Orchard again for movie. That movie is called “Zombieland”.

There isn’t any storyline in the movie but it’s kinda funny. I guess I don’t have state what the movie is about because the title tells you everything. For me, I think it’s worth your time watching this movie but it’s not a must to watch it in the cinema.

There is something that lao gong will not forget every weekends which is eating session. Whenever we go out, he is eating most of the time. He looked as if he hasn’t eat for 5 days but that’s not the case. For every meal, he will say “Uncle, jia fan”. Probably because tekong food is too awful. Another reason is because he eat too fast. His eating speed is really damn fast. Not because I am slow. Ha Ha. However, I am always the last one to finish my food no matter who I eat with.

Frolick Yogurt Ice Cream is the best. It taste really good. This is something that we will always eat whenever we go Orchard or Holland Village. Those who have not try should really try it. Lao gong is someone who don’t eat yogurt but he loves this yogurt ice cream. He can finish one big cup on his own but we only bought one cup because I know that I cannot finish one on my own.

Before watching movie, we went to 313 shopping centre which is located beside Orchard Central. It was so crowded. The purpose of going there was to go and take a look at the uniqlo. Surprisingly, there was a long queue waiting to enter into the shop. Upon seeing the long queue, we dropped the idea of going in. We did not really shop down there because there were too many people. Shopping will be done some other days ^^

Bread with vinegar

Side Dish – Mushroom

Bolognise Pizza

We went to Vivo City for pizza at Modesto. Lao gong has been craving for pizza since last week so we went to have pizza. We did not other a lot. Just a Bolognise Pizza and a side dish. The side dish is very expensive but it taste really good. Everything sounds good. Ha Ha.

I have bought my Chanel eyeliner from TANGS. Their eyeliner is good because it’s easy to draw and it doesn’t smudge. Their gift wrap and their small little plastic bag is nice. Ha Ha.

That’s about it. Bye!