I am back

I am back to blogging again. The reason why I haven’t been updating my blog is because I was too busy with my school work. I mean really really busy. Almost everyday, I stayed in school till late. When I reached home, the next thing I would do was to on my lappy. Not to watch series but to continue working on my assignment/study. Seriously, damn sad. Anyway, most of my projects were in groups. The worst thing about group project is you have a uncooperative  group mate who does not mail you the things that he is supposed to do on time and he doesn’t bother about how the project is going even when the deadline is coming. Hello, it’s our project not mine. But I enjoyed working with my LTB mates 🙂

Anyway, that kinda of life is over for the time being and now I having my summer break. I love it because I have not been relaxing for so long. During this summer break, I am going to learn Japanese. Hopefully by the end of this break, I am able to speak a little.

Oh yes, during my study week, I went to Hong Kong. It was a pretty short trip ( 4 days, 3 nights). The weather there was good. Very cooling. We went for sight seeing and shopping. If it was a free an easy trip, probably we will be shopping all day. Seriously! I shall upload the photos when I got it. That’s about it. Goodbye!