Changing Cambodia

After 2 weeks of stay in Cambodia, I am back in Singapore again. We went there to do community service – building house. The houses there are small and simple but it’s not easy to build it especially under the hot sun. Nailing, shaving, etc. Must be wondering if we built it on our own. Of cause not, we built the house with the help of the construction workers. Without them, we wouldn’t know how to do it (:

Other than building house, we did some work in the school as well. Kinda tiring~

This was my first and my last OCIP trip because I promised my lao gong. Pretty good experience.

This whole trip is not only about OCIP. We went for some tour trip. Angkor Wat, riverside, Killing Field, S-21, etc…

I am too lazy to blog right now. Shall just upload some photos (:

Upload more when I feel like πŸ™‚ Goodbye



Last Saturday, we watched 2 movies. One of which was “The Backup Plan” and the other one was “IPman 2”. Both of these movies are awesome.

I kinda like this movie because it’s a comedy and a romance show. Watch the trailer and you will roughly know that this show is about. If you were to ask me to watch it again, I don’t mind. Really… Do catch it in the cinema and you will know how nice it is.

Sadly speaking, we didn’t watch IPMAN 2 in the cinema instead we watched it at home. You know it’s different. It could be more exciting if we watched it in the cinema. But I still enjoyed watching it. I guess there isn’t a need to say what the story is about because it’s a top rating movie and probably most of you have already watched it in the cinema. Awesome right. Let’s wait for IPMAN 3 to show πŸ™‚

That about it. Anyway, I will be flying to Cambodia tonight so I won’t be updating my blog for two weeks. Goodbye ^^

Room Packing

2 days back, I stayed at home to pack up my room especially my wardrobe. Actually, I don’t see a point packing because few days later, someone is gonna mess it up again. But but but, I just felt very uncomfortable leaving my wardrobe in such a mess. My mum asked to throw away clothes that we aren’t wearing anymore but I had got no idea which one to throw. That’s the problem with lots of clothing.

Moving on to pack my desk. I threw away all the notes and my sister’s secondary books since she doesn’t need it anymore. My room is so tidy NOW~ Please kindly do your job by keeping it tidy by putting things back to its original place!

Mothers’ day is coming. Have you bought any thing for your mom? I did a card for my mom because I’ve got no idea what to get for her. Probably hand made gift would be the best. Hope she like it. Wrote the card in εŽζ–‡. It’s been long since I write εŽζ–‡ but that’s not a problem because there’s always ζ±‰θ―­ζ‹ΌιŸ³ πŸ˜€

East Coast Park with My Sister

I planned to stay at home today for the whole day because I haven’t been doing so for a week. But so happened that my sis was on leave and she asked me to go for bladding at East Coast Park. If she wasn’t driving there, I probably won’t go because it’s far away. One thing I would like to say is that my sister drive very slowly but she doesn’t hog people’s road. Ha Ha. Probably it’s because she’s driving a manual car. Can’t blame her. Anyway, we reached East Coast Park at 4 PM. I swear that today’s weather was freaking hot. Or may I would say everyday even if it rains.

We blade from Mac to bedok Jetty. My sister actually wanted to blade further down but I couldn’t make it. I told her that if we go further down, she would probably have to blade back and drive down to pick me up. Sorry, I got no stamina. I think that’s because I haven’t been running for very long πŸ˜€ Let me train first and we can blade further down. Ha Ha.

Luckily, we went back on the right timing or else we will be caught in the rain. Driving and caught in the rain? Nah. We went to James house to put back his car and rode a bike home πŸ˜›

That’s about it today. I am going to watch Prison Break now. γ€€γ•γ‚ˆγ†γͺら。