My cousins are back from USA

After 3 years plus, they are back in Singapore again. There are going to stay here for 2 months and then back to USA again. I guess they won’t be coming back anymore because they have already grown up and probably busy with some other things already. When they came back, it was my first time after 3 years of interval that I visited my gong gong’s place. Ever since he past away, I have never gone there before because there isn’t any purpose visiting. The house remains the same but it’s kinda dirty because China women don’t clean up their house. In fact it’s not her house. There is no wireless down there so there’s totally nothing I could do over there. Maybe play cards with my cousins.

My cousin is 15 years old now and she can drive. I’m amazed because 15 years old is damn young but I guess it shouldn’t be a problem because their traffic there should be much better than Singapore. She asked me something when we were in a cab. Why did the car go left and right (overtaking)? She expected the taxi uncle to travel straight only because she never had a chance to overtake other people. There’s still more to learn ^^

I didn’t know that owning a car in USA is so cheap. They are only required to pay for the car which cost a few thousand and car insurance. If only it applies to Singapore. But it will never happen because it’s Singapore 😀


My Gigantic Bear

Finally, I got my gigantic bear. Lao gong bought it online a couple of weeks ago when I was still in Cambodia.

This bear is 1.4m tall which is almost the same height as me. Almost but not the same (: It weighs around 1kg. It’s damn soft and I hug it as a booster when I sleep. But if your bed is not big enough, the bear will probably occupy your whole bed. My bed isn’t bed enough so I left the bear in Lao gong’s house. It’s gonna occupy half of his bed. Ha ha. Please don’t kick him off your bed OK!  Else he is gonna punch you!

Singapore Food Expo 2010

It has been 5 days since Singapore Food Expo ended. Long hours of standing and shouting made us felt so tired. A lot of people went down on the first day because it was a public holiday and luckily there’s enough people working on that day to manage the crowd. I swear that humans especially aunties, are damn weird. When there aren’t many people at the stall, they don’t feel like buying. They would only buy when there’s a lot of people. Don’t understand. Aunties buy $3 stuff only but they act as if they are buying $30 stuff. They can’t decide which flavors to buy but they just refused to buy all flavors. Another thing that I hate to hear from the aunties is “no free gifts ar?”.

Aunty: 我买这麽多没有送啊?

Me: 有,我已经送了。

Aunty: 在送多一包啦。

Me: 不可以啦。 已经送很多了。

Aunty 就是 Aunty~ Forever asking for free stuff. There’s this Aunty who came to look for the Glico store because everyone was carrying the plastic bag. I was standing outside the stall when she came. She asked me if I could give her one plastic bag because she thought that it was nice. So I told her that she could have the plastic bag if she purchase anything. But she just wanted the plastic bag without buying.  Told her cannot and she walked away.

Anyway, all meals were provided but we chose not to have the meals that were bought by lao gong’s uncle. Walking around and searching for food to eat. There’s limited amount of good food. The one that we ate most often was Katong Laksa. Other than that, we can’t find any other better stuff to eat. It’s mostly snacks.

I bought quite a lot of stuff from food expo. We actually shopped before the door was opened for public because we could walk without squeezing with others. Most of the items are instant noodles (newly launch flavors for that brand). There’s actually cheese flavor instant noodle and how can I not buy it. Ha Ha. I am a cheese lover! I will eat anything with cheese but not shit 😀 Talking about food right now makes me feel so hungry~

No more job for me so I am slacking at home 🙂