Officially 21

On the 18th July 2010, I have officially turned 21 years old. Turning 21 means a lot of things. It means that I have to be more mature, my stress level increases, I am moving towards the thirties, I have to be more independent, etc. In fact, this is what everyone will go through. It’s just the matter of time. Of cause, being able to live in the world for 21 years is all my parents’ effort. Without them, I wouldn’t have been in the world and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to live in such a comfortable environment. So I would like to thank my parents a million times.

It’s a big day when human turned 21st, so how could I not celebrate it. My birthday celebration was held at Goldkist chalet and I had so much to complain about that chalet. That’s probably the worst chalet I had ever been to. So people, don’t ever book that chalet. Anyway, my whole birthday celebration was sponsored by my beloved daddy. The caterer that I ordered from was “Monte Kristo” and the dishes were pretty good. All thanks to Aunty Jas’s recommendation because I saved the time to source for good caterer.

Frankly speaking, I have got no experience in holding a birthday party so it’s pretty tiring for me. But with lao gong, my sisters, my cousins and my parents’ help, it’s pretty manageable. Thank you all (: It might not be a awesome place but it’s a awesome paw-some birthday celebration. Thank you everyone who came all the way down to celebrate my birthday. I really appreciate it.


Other photos will be uploaded in facebook (:


Meet Up

After one month, I met up with Jian Ying again on Thursday. Initially, we planned to meet up for dinner but just happened that she’s on leave that day so we met up at Orchard for lunch and shopping. We headed to Shokudo (Cineleisure) for lunch because I had a sudden craving for pasta. As usual, we ordered student special pasta but the varieties are getting lesser. If I am not wrong, I only saw 2 pasta with tomato cream base. They used to have 4 to 5 different type of tomato base pasta. We sat there for quite a while.

What’s next? Shopping!!!! We went to Heren and shopped in ALT for around 1 hour I think. Jy bought a lot of make up stuff because she wanna make over. Each time she shopped with me, she will end up spending a lot. I don’t know why either. Anyway, i bought 2 nail polish from that shop. Initially, I wanted to get O.P.I nail polish but it’s way to expensive. It’s selling at $23.90. On a second thought, I decided not to get that because there’s some where selling at a lower price. So, I got L.A Girls instead and I got a simmering ones. Simply love that color.

We shopped non-stop till I complained that my leg hurts. Can’t believe that I am shopping with my heals for so long. We settled down at 313 after buying my peeling mask from The Face Shop. Thanks Kitty for The Face Shop Member card because I got discount. Before discount, it was $21.90 and after discount price was $16.

After a drink, I went back to School to help up with some camp stuff but apparently, it’s almost completed when I reached there. Stayed there for a while and went back home.

Simple Dishes

After a long holiday, I have decided to pick up some cooking skills from my mum. My parents always say that it is rather important for girls to learn cooking some dishes because eating outside isn’t good. I do agree but I also agree that cooking is a little troublesome because there are a lot of dishes to wash as well as mopping the floor. That is what my mum always do. 妈咪,辛苦您了。

The dishes that my mum always cook for dinner ain’t that complicated after all. It’s simple and yet it taste really good. Anyway, she taught me how to cook soy sauce chicken, fried chicken and vege (don’t know what’s the name of the vege). I should state it down here just in case I forget.

Soy Sauce Chicken

Portion: 5-6 pieces of chicken

Ingredients: Ginger(4 big thin slices), 2 small piece of garlic(cut it into smaller pieces), Normal Soy Sauce(2 soup spoon), Mushroom(3 pieces), Cooking Oil(2 normal spoon), Water(1/2 cup), hua diao jiu(1 normal spoon)


1. Fried garlic and ginger in oil. Stir it till there’s fragrance.

2. Add in soy sauce and stir for a while.

3. Add in the chicken and stir it.

4. Add in water and stir.

5. Add in mushroom and stir.

6. On low fire and leave the chicken inside till it’s cooked.

7. Put hua diao jiu when the chicken is cooked. Roughly stir it and off fire.

8. Soy sauce chicken is ready to eat now!

Fried Chicken

Ingredients: Concentrated Stock(1/2 tea spoon), Egg white(1 egg), Frying flour


1. Marinate chicken with a bit of concentrated stock

2. Add in some egg white

3. Marinate each chicken wing with the frying flour

4. Heat the frying pot before pouring in the oil (Approx 1 min)

5. Pour in oil and heat it.

6. Start frying when the oil is heated.

Shrimp & garlic vegetable

Ingredients: Oil(2 normal spoon), Shrimp(1.5 spoon, cut into smaller pieces), Garlic(1 small piece, cut into smaller pieces), Clear chicken broth(4 soup spoon), Concentrated stock(1 drip)


1. Fry garlic in oil first, then followed by shrimp

2. After fragrance is out, pour in the vegetable. (Fry it for a while)

3.  Add clear chicken broth and fry it.

4. Off fire. Add in chicken stock and stir it.

5. Vegetable is ready!

Boss Bidding 2010

This time’s Boss Bidding for Term one is really insane. I swear. Probably, it’s the highest bidding ever as compared to the past bidding. When you thought you already bid damn freaking high but there’s someone who bid even higher than you. Not even close to the lowest bid. What a crap… There are so many windows opened for us but each time the bids are getting higher and higher which means that I am going to broke after bidding is done.

I planned to bid for 4.5 credit units but ended up getting only 2 credit units in Boss Bidding Window 1. There’s still a need to bid for 2.5 credit units which consists of 3 modules. I tried not to change the modules that I planned to take this semester so as to avoid having too many exams the next semester. 4 exams are already killing me so I guess having 3 exams per semester should not be a problem. I bid for my 2.5 credit units for the second window and I got only 0.5 credit unit which is only one module. Damn~ Apparently, 28 e$ isn’t high enough. How did those people manage to spend so much on one module when we were only given 50 e$ per semester?

Boss Bidding 1A opened today and closes on Thursday. So, what should I bid now? What, how and which? What to bid now? How much to bid for? which timing to bid for? Which prof is good? These are the questions that have to asked when bidding. Seems to be a simple question but it’s not. Of cause, popular prof would cost more. During my first bid, I thought that which prof doesn’t matter because they all cover the same thing. But I was wrong because different profs have a different workload. Therefore, which prof to choose is rather important.

I am going to bid for “Ethics” and “Technology and World Change” for this window. Wish me good luck ^^