Yesterday was my first time going to Sentosa for beach volleyball after stopping for quite sometimes. I went with my Meta Camp Freshies (HADES 4). The weather was extremely bad in the morning because it’s raining heavily but it did not last very long. Initially, we wanted to take a tram to Siloso beach but the queue was super duper long (NUS orientation camp). So we take the tram to Palawan beach. On the way there, the rain started to get smaller and we took the train back to beach station. Oh yes, it’s kinda lame but it’s enjoyable. From beach station, we walked to Siloso beach.

The weather was damn freaking hot in the afternoon. Nevertheless, we continued with our volleyball. I rested quite a few times because it’s so shag to run on the sand under that kind of weather. Have to keep myself hydrated. In the evening, we had a short game with NTU students. It was a hilarious game because our side was so noisy and didn’t score. Their side was really quiet. After all, it’s still a pretty fun game.

We went to wash up at around 7pm and head to Vivocity for Carl’s Junior. One burger is too big for me to finish so I shared with the girls. 3 people share one burger. Surprisingly, it was quite filling with the chili cheese fries. Sat down there till they closed. I guess the staff were cursing us because they can’t knock off. After that, I went back home with Lynette because she stays near me. That’s about it! Goodnight (:



Happy 4th Anniversary

Time passes really fast. We have been together for 4 years already. 4 years may sound very long to a lot of people but not to me. Many a times, people say that the first few months of a relationship is always the honeymoon period and after that it no longer is. As for my relationship, I always feel that honeymoon period lasted throughout. You are the only one who can make me feel this way. You are my Special Someone. I appreciate what you have done for me throughout these years. You gave me whatever things I want, you brought me to places that I want to go, you dote on me, etc. Even though you were feeling extremely tired after coming back from camp, you still bother to meet me and send me back home. I know it’s not easy. And here, I would like to tell you that I love you a lot and I always do.

So how did we celebrate our anniversary? Actually, we didn’t do anything special because it’s kinda too late. By the time he reached home, it’s about 8 pm. So, we went for dinner at Waraku and dessert at Starbucks. I ended my day with a short and sweet nights out with my beloved Hubby.