SMU SIS Interview

I realized that this is the SMU Admission Interview period. 3 years ago, I was one one of the applicants waiting outside the research lab at SIS Level 3 to be interviewed. At that point of time, I was quite nervous but everything went well because the prof who interviewed me was friendly. If I am not wrong, Venky was one of the interviewer. Now, I shall share this experience with all the participants who’s interested in joining our SIS family. Here we go.

The interview lasted for about 2 hours. The first hour of the interview was actually a preparation. Our seniors did a briefing with us on the procedure of this interview. I remembered that we were asked to walk around the room to look at the posters found on the wall. One of the poster showed an estimation question. When I was in the room, I don’t feeling nervous at all. I guess because there was someone talking to me. After walking round the room, we were given a piece of short article to read. Be prepared to summarize that article to the professors. The second last activity in the room was to write something about myself and followed by a short video.

We moved to another room after the preparation to meet the professor. The professor was real friendly. He kept smiling to us and that made me feel less nervous. The prof started by giving us a IT related topic to discuss among ourselves. Do feel free to speak whatever that is on your mind because there’s no right or wrong answer. Next, I was asked to picked the estimation question. The Everyone of us was answering the same estimation question. The estimation question that I picked was “Estimate the number of people taking train everyday”. There wasn’t any right or wrong answer for this. What I did was to explain how I got the estimated figure. The interview ended by by talking about myself. Nothing very difficult.

Hope this helps and goodluck 🙂


4 thoughts on “SMU SIS Interview

  1. Hey can you share more about your experience in IS? Will it be difficult for people with no IT experience at all to enter this course? How many of the students actually manage to graduate IS at the end of 4 years and is the drop out rate really that high? I’m a bit worried because I just got admitted but I don’t know if I should accept it or not… :/

  2. Hey there, i can’t answer you if it will be difficult for people with no IT background to take this course because I have seen friends with no IT background did very well. However, most of them are guys. Probably you should try reading through some IT stuff and see whether you like it or not. If you wanna take up this course, do be prepared to stay in school most of the time because all courses are group-project based. I hope I am not scaring you 🙂 Through these projects, you will learn a lot and have lots of fun with your group mates. At the end of the day when all projects are submitted, you will have a sense of satisfaction. It’s the matter of getting use to this kinda life. Anyway, back to your question. Erm, majority of the SIS student manage to graduate from IS and secured a job in good companies. I have known some people who dropped out after 1 year but I don’t think the drop out rate is high. Probably 10 or lesser than that. There’s 2 reasons to it. Cannot take the stress or doesn’t like this course.

    Don’t worry too much. Find our where your interest in. Maybe IT is something you can do well in 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Hi Cherlyn. Do you know how long the school takes to notify you that you have accepted to SIS from the date of interview? 🙂

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