Day 1 [Flying off, Getting Ready]

Time flies very quickly. 3 days ago, I was still in Singapore and now I am in my dormitory. I bought my air ticket from Koreanair. It requires a transit at Seoul. This transit was kind of different because it required me to collect my baggage and transfer to Gimpo Domestic Airport. Before I flew, I checked with the Changi Airport Counter person if there is any shutter bus to Gimpo Airport and they said there is. When I get to the Incheon Airport, I went to check out with the information counter if there is any shuttle bus to Gimpo Airport and she told me that I had to take either a bus or subway. I was afraid that I will missed my flight so I didn’t bother to find where is the shuttle bus. I ended up taking  subway to Gimpo Domestic Airport which cost me 3400KWN. It took about 30 mins to reach Gimpo Station.


Subway to Gimpo International Airport Station

From Seoul to Busan, it took about 45 mins by flight. I thought I was going to be late for my flight but lucky there’s still more than enough time though I went to the wrong Airport.

Gimpo Domestic Airport

Gimpo Dosmestic Airport is rather small. There’s nothing much to shop over there. I checked in my luggage once I reached and sat somewhere to read my book.

When I reached Busan, my assigned buddy came to fetch me from the airport. We went around to get the stuff that I need for my dormitory as well as mobile Sim Card. My buddy told me that they will need three days to activate so he lent me the extra Sim card that he is holding.

I went for orientation at 2pm. I almost fell a sleep during the orientation because I never sleep at all when I was in the plane to Seoul. Luckily, the orientation didn’t last too long. It’s probably 1 hour 15 min.

After that, my buddy brought us to a store near Pusan National University for phototaking. They need our passport photo to make our student ID. Passport photo is also required for Alien Registration. The passport photo taken by the korean uncle is nice!

Cheryl and I head to the dorm after everything was settle. I was so lucky to have her as my roomie because we missed the time for roommate registration. Thank god! If not, I would have stayed with some random people!


Our Room (Woongbee Hall)

Dinner time! Cheryl buddy brought us to some authentic Korea food store that sells Korea Fried rice (Gugolgi I think). It’s very nice!

How can we miss out Soju when we are in Korea! HaHa. Buddy brought us to another place for Soju. We had Somate (I think this is how it spells), Soju mixed with beer. It’s not bad but very fattening! Haha.

Ended my day with Soju 🙂 Goodnight!


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