Officially 21

On the 18th July 2010, I have officially turned 21 years old. Turning 21 means a lot of things. It means that I have to be more mature, my stress level increases, I am moving towards the thirties, I have to be more independent, etc. In fact, this is what everyone will go through. It’s just the matter of time. Of cause, being able to live in the world for 21 years is all my parents’ effort. Without them, I wouldn’t have been in the world and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to live in such a comfortable environment. So I would like to thank my parents a million times.

It’s a big day when human turned 21st, so how could I not celebrate it. My birthday celebration was held at Goldkist chalet and I had so much to complain about that chalet. That’s probably the worst chalet I had ever been to. So people, don’t ever book that chalet. Anyway, my whole birthday celebration was sponsored by my beloved daddy. The caterer that I ordered from was “Monte Kristo” and the dishes were pretty good. All thanks to Aunty Jas’s recommendation because I saved the time to source for good caterer.

Frankly speaking, I have got no experience in holding a birthday party so it’s pretty tiring for me. But with lao gong, my sisters, my cousins and my parents’ help, it’s pretty manageable. Thank you all (: It might not be a awesome place but it’s a awesome paw-some birthday celebration. Thank you everyone who came all the way down to celebrate my birthday. I really appreciate it.


Other photos will be uploaded in facebook (: