Simple Dishes

After a long holiday, I have decided to pick up some cooking skills from my mum. My parents always say that it is rather important for girls to learn cooking some dishes because eating outside isn’t good. I do agree but I also agree that cooking is a little troublesome because there are a lot of dishes to wash as well as mopping the floor. That is what my mum always do. 妈咪,辛苦您了。

The dishes that my mum always cook for dinner ain’t that complicated after all. It’s simple and yet it taste really good. Anyway, she taught me how to cook soy sauce chicken, fried chicken and vege (don’t know what’s the name of the vege). I should state it down here just in case I forget.

Soy Sauce Chicken

Portion: 5-6 pieces of chicken

Ingredients: Ginger(4 big thin slices), 2 small piece of garlic(cut it into smaller pieces), Normal Soy Sauce(2 soup spoon), Mushroom(3 pieces), Cooking Oil(2 normal spoon), Water(1/2 cup), hua diao jiu(1 normal spoon)


1. Fried garlic and ginger in oil. Stir it till there’s fragrance.

2. Add in soy sauce and stir for a while.

3. Add in the chicken and stir it.

4. Add in water and stir.

5. Add in mushroom and stir.

6. On low fire and leave the chicken inside till it’s cooked.

7. Put hua diao jiu when the chicken is cooked. Roughly stir it and off fire.

8. Soy sauce chicken is ready to eat now!

Fried Chicken

Ingredients: Concentrated Stock(1/2 tea spoon), Egg white(1 egg), Frying flour


1. Marinate chicken with a bit of concentrated stock

2. Add in some egg white

3. Marinate each chicken wing with the frying flour

4. Heat the frying pot before pouring in the oil (Approx 1 min)

5. Pour in oil and heat it.

6. Start frying when the oil is heated.

Shrimp & garlic vegetable

Ingredients: Oil(2 normal spoon), Shrimp(1.5 spoon, cut into smaller pieces), Garlic(1 small piece, cut into smaller pieces), Clear chicken broth(4 soup spoon), Concentrated stock(1 drip)


1. Fry garlic in oil first, then followed by shrimp

2. After fragrance is out, pour in the vegetable. (Fry it for a while)

3.  Add clear chicken broth and fry it.

4. Off fire. Add in chicken stock and stir it.

5. Vegetable is ready!