A Short Dinner Date

It has been a long time since boyfriend and I went for a movie, a dinner date or even shopping. Reason being, we are both busy with exams and projects. Come to think about it, actually I am the one who is always busy with school work. I’m so sorry about it but I can’t help it. Anyway, holiday is arriving in 3 weeks time and we can go on a date anytime we want.

Even though we are both busy, there’s still a need to go for dinner right 🙂 Hence, we decided to Orchard for dinner. Where to? Applebee at Triple Three. Is it called Tripple Three? Correct me if I am wrong. This is what we ordered 😀

Honey BBQ Chicken as our starter

Medium Well Done Steak (Mine)

Some Onion Potato Dish (Boyfriend)

Honey BBQ Chicken Wings were not bad but the size of the wings was really small. The steak that I ordered wasn’t that good because of the texture. It was a bit to hard for a medium well done steak. Boyfriend’s main course was more appetizing as compared to mine.

Dinner date for an hour, back to home and started working again.  What a great life 😀