Last Saturday, we watched 2 movies. One of which was “The Backup Plan” and the other one was “IPman 2”. Both of these movies are awesome.

I kinda like this movie because it’s a comedy and a romance show. Watch the trailer and you will roughly know that this show is about. If you were to ask me to watch it again, I don’t mind. Really… Do catch it in the cinema and you will know how nice it is.

Sadly speaking, we didn’t watch IPMAN 2 in the cinema instead we watched it at home. You know it’s different. It could be more exciting if we watched it in the cinema. But I still enjoyed watching it. I guess there isn’t a need to say what the story is about because it’s a top rating movie and probably most of you have already watched it in the cinema. Awesome right. Let’s wait for IPMAN 3 to show πŸ™‚

That about it. Anyway, I will be flying to Cambodia tonight so I won’t be updating my blog for two weeks. Goodbye ^^


Bodyguards and Assassins

Bodyguards and Assassins is a boring movie. I was expecting something more interesting but it turned out to be a disappointment. There was too much talking and not a lot fighting. This movie is a bit stupid because everyone died just to protect the Dr Sun. Furthermore, I thought IP man (don’t his name) was the main actor but he appeared a few times and died. He should have fight with that bad guy instead of dying. Overall, it’s a bad movie.

Again, we watched this movie at Vivo City on Saturday 0012AM. It was a bad timing to watch this movie because I almost fall asleep. In order to prevent myself from sleeping, I kept moving and can’t sit still. I guess a lot of people almost fall asleep and not only me. This shows how bad the movie is. ^-^

Avatar 3D

What I can comment about Avatar 3D is AWESOME. It’s a really really good movie and I would say that you MUST watch it. But do remember to watch it in 3D because their 3D effect is extremely good.Β  I shouldn’t tell you what the story is about.

We booked the ticket a few days before the movie is launched because we were quite sure that there won’t be any seats left if we booked on that day. We watched at Vivo City on Thursday at 1030pm. Avatar 3D lasted for 160 minutes which is 2 hours and 40 minutes. It’s a very long movie but it worth your time watching. Don’t miss it.

Couples Retreat

We went to Vivo City to watch movie. It’s called the Couples Retreat. This movie has been out for a period of time. We only watched it today because lao gong has 3 complimentary tickets. There wasn’t any nice show out currently so I chose to watch Couples Retreat. This is a NC16 movie and we got checked when we were about to enter the threatre which means that we look young. Ha Ha. I would say that it’s a great movie and it’s worth your time and money watching. The movie is about four couples going on a Holiday at Eden Resort. Got no idea where it is but it’s a very nice resort with extremely clear water. Do watch it if you have got the chance. Our next movie will be Avatar 3D on Thursday, 1030pm. I guess it will be a great movie as well ^^

Taken (2008)

Watched Taken at zhu’s house today. This movie is really very nice. Really…. Very exciting. I did not fall a sleep while watching because it’s nice from the beginning of the movie πŸ˜› The main actor which is called Brayn in the show has a supernatural skills. He reacted faster than anyone and he is a brilliant guy. I shall not say what kind of skill. Till you watch it, you will know. A damn nice movie which is worth your time watching. But but but it’s not showing in Cinema. Yeah…. Do watch it…… Enjoy πŸ˜›

High School Musical 3

Went to watch High School Musical 3 at West Mall with my Xiao Mei. The movie was nice but not much story line. It’s all about singing and dancing. Super a lot of singing. Therefore guys don’t like to watch. Right? We reached there quite late but luckily there’s still back seats for us. There’s a lot of kids watching also. Gabriella looks abit different because she has grown abit fatter. Troy is as good looking as before. Ha Ha. Girl will like it πŸ™‚

Max Payne 2008

Max Payne

Yesterday, we went to Vivo to watch Max Payne. The overall of the movie was not bad but I almost fell a sleep at the first half of the movie. Don’t misunderstood that the movie was bad. It’s because my lesson started very early yesterday like 8am and I woke up at 6:45am. Damn early. That’s the reason why I almost fell asleep. I was awake at the middle part of the movie because I needed to go toilet urgently. I hate to go toilet during movie time but it’s impposible to hold till the end of the movie. That was what I planned to do but I could not tahan anymore. Back to the movie. Ok, the movie is worth watching. Do catch it πŸ™‚