Yesterday was my first time going to Sentosa for beach volleyball after stopping for quite sometimes. I went with my Meta Camp Freshies (HADES 4). The weather was extremely bad in the morning because it’s raining heavily but it did not last very long. Initially, we wanted to take a tram to Siloso beach but the queue was super duper long (NUS orientation camp). So we take the tram to Palawan beach. On the way there, the rain started to get smaller and we took the train back to beach station. Oh yes, it’s kinda lame but it’s enjoyable. From beach station, we walked to Siloso beach.

The weather was damn freaking hot in the afternoon. Nevertheless, we continued with our volleyball. I rested quite a few times because it’s so shag to run on the sand under that kind of weather. Have to keep myself hydrated. In the evening, we had a short game with NTU students. It was a hilarious game because our side was so noisy and didn’t score. Their side was really quiet. After all, it’s still a pretty fun game.

We went to wash up at around 7pm and head to Vivocity for Carl’s Junior. One burger is too big for me to finish so I shared with the girls. 3 people share one burger. Surprisingly, it was quite filling with the chili cheese fries. Sat down there till they closed. I guess the staff were cursing us because they can’t knock off. After that, I went back home with Lynette because she stays near me. That’s about it! Goodnight (:


Meet Up

After one month, I met up with Jian Ying again on Thursday. Initially, we planned to meet up for dinner but just happened that she’s on leave that day so we met up at Orchard for lunch and shopping. We headed to Shokudo (Cineleisure) for lunch because I had a sudden craving for pasta. As usual, we ordered student special pasta but the varieties are getting lesser. If I am not wrong, I only saw 2 pasta with tomato cream base. They used to have 4 to 5 different type of tomato base pasta. We sat there for quite a while.

What’s next? Shopping!!!! We went to Heren and shopped in ALT for around 1 hour I think. Jy bought a lot of make up stuff because she wanna make over. Each time she shopped with me, she will end up spending a lot. I don’t know why either. Anyway, i bought 2 nail polish from that shop. Initially, I wanted to get O.P.I nail polish but it’s way to expensive. It’s selling at $23.90. On a second thought, I decided not to get that because there’s some where selling at a lower price. So, I got L.A Girls instead and I got a simmering ones. Simply love that color.

We shopped non-stop till I complained that my leg hurts. Can’t believe that I am shopping with my heals for so long. We settled down at 313 after buying my peeling mask from The Face Shop. Thanks Kitty for The Face Shop Member card because I got discount. Before discount, it was $21.90 and after discount price was $16.

After a drink, I went back to School to help up with some camp stuff but apparently, it’s almost completed when I reached there. Stayed there for a while and went back home.

Changing Cambodia

After 2 weeks of stay in Cambodia, I am back in Singapore again. We went there to do community service – building house. The houses there are small and simple but it’s not easy to build it especially under the hot sun. Nailing, shaving, etc. Must be wondering if we built it on our own. Of cause not, we built the house with the help of the construction workers. Without them, we wouldn’t know how to do it (:

Other than building house, we did some work in the school as well. Kinda tiring~

This was my first and my last OCIP trip because I promised my lao gong. Pretty good experience.

This whole trip is not only about OCIP. We went for some tour trip. Angkor Wat, riverside, Killing Field, S-21, etc…

I am too lazy to blog right now. Shall just upload some photos (:

Upload more when I feel like 🙂 Goodbye

My 20th Birthday

This year, I celebrated 3 times for my birthday. One with my family, the second one with lao gong’s family and the third one in Desaru. Cut 3 different cakes at different location. The last 2 cakes were a surprise to me because I didn’t know it at all. Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday. I love it and I appreciate it. On the 18th of July, my mum was in great pain giving birth to me. So I shall not forget to thanks my beloved mummy for bringing me into this world. I love you, mum and dad :] Thank you everyone for the wishes as well as the birthday gift.

I have tried to find the past year photos that I had took during my birthday but only managed to find 2 of it. At least better than nothing :]

photo 17

photo 16

photo 14

photo 13

photo 12

photo 15

photo 11

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2




I received birthday from my my dear lao gong, lao gong’s mummy, my beloved sisters, Li Xiang and Lester :] Thank you so much for all the birthday gifts.


Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner from my younger sister



Tiffany & Co Ring from my Lao Gong


Arena Swimming Suit from lao gong’s mummy



Geox Sneakers from my elder sis


Swarovski Ear Stud from Li Xiang and Lester




My Birthday cards. Missed out my sisters’ ones. Opps.

My Parents gave me hong bao…

Let me talk about my experience for the Desaru Trip. I think the experience isn’t really good because Desaru has turned into a mess. It’s no longer as clean as 10 years ago. The beach is very dirty. When you see the sand, you don’t feel like walking any further. So you can imagine how bad it is. There’s tour guide bring us around. We went to the fruit farm, ostrich farm. herbal farm, and also shops for those aunties to buy something. What I can say is that those aunties really bought a lot of things. For every shops they enter, confirm and for sure that they will buy something. The things they bought can be found in Singapore. That is why we did not get anything.

The ostrich farm was quite interesting because I have never hold an ostrich egg in hands before. The egg is freaking big. The small ostrich is damn cute. So small. We get to see ostrich at different age. 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc. Anyway, the ostrich farm is open by a Singaporean.


Ostrich Egg


Days Old


Weeks Old


Grown Up

Another interesting trip is the firefly trip. This is the very first time I see firefly. It’s very beautiful. We took a boat to those very dark area so that we can see the firefly. Lots and lots of firefly. When they gathered around the trees, it looked like some Christmas tree lighting. Pretty wasted that we can’t capture the scene because it’s too dark.





I think the fruit farm was rather disappointing. I thought that fruit farm fruits are nice but apparently not. It’s totally opposite. That’s why it’s called a buffet because all the bad ones are used for buffets. So its not worth going. I ate the mango and seems like that mango drink too much water that it tasted so dilute. The durians taste bad too. I think its taken out from the refrigerator because it’s cold. No no to this fruit farm. Haha










Let’s take a look at the best hotel in Desaru. The room is quite big but their hotel facilities seems to be below average.










10 years ago when I was in Desaru with my family…….

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

photo 9

There’s alot more but its too long to blog. Overall, it’s an experience for me. Ha Ha. I guess lao gong don’t like because he only wants to shop shop shop. Shall end with some photos :]















Happy Father’s Day!

It’s father’s day today. We celebrated at home because it’s gonna be very crowded today. Early in the morning, dad and mum cooked hao liao instead of us. Ha Ha. My dad said it’s daughter’s day not father’s day. Seems to be like this. Anyway, we only get a card for my dad and nothing else.


To my brilliant Daddy!

On Saturday, I went out with lao gong to Orchard again. Orchard is a place where we will go almost every week. We went there for movie as well as shopping. I have the urge to buy clothings but nothing seems to caught my eyes. Therefore, I only got one Nike top for myself. It’s time for me to go on diet else my tummy will get bigger and bigger. Kinda sad !


Anyway, we watched Dance Subaru. Story wise not that bad but movie wise a little boring because there’s too much talking. Lao gong kept yawning, I guess he’s bored. Subaru is real pretty and her little brother is so cute. Ha Ha.