Pusan National University International Exchange Program [Pre-departure]

Now I know why going to exchange is not as easy as I thought because there are a lot of paper work to be done. Previously, I have encountered some issues with my application due to the field of study that I chose. A lot of my friends told me that it doesn’t matter what field of study that I chose but actually it does matter. So this is a note to my SMU junior, if you have no idea what to choose, you can simply put College of Business as your field of study because that’s the most generic ones. If you happen to experience the same thing in the future, please request them to re-evaluate your application with the revised field of study. Pusan National University side will take a while to re-evaluate the application. So do wait for their reply patiently. However, if there is still no response after 2 weeks, please email them again.

There were a couple of things to do before leaving to Busan.

1. Dormitory Registration

I did not go through this process because my application was being delayed on the Pusan National University side. Hence, I missed the Dormitory Registration period. Instead, I was pre-assigned a room. All thanks to SMU International Exchange officer, Li Shu. Without her, I don’t think I will have a room. The dormitory actually includes minimum of 2 meals and maximum of 3 meals. I chose 2 meals, Breakfast and Lunch. If you are going through the normal process, the result of the dormitory registration will be out in 2-3 weeks time.

2. Dormitory Fee Payment

Once my application was approved, I was requested to transfer them 1,114,310KRW (Approx SGD 1200) for the dormitory fee (2 meals) and 10,000KRW (Approx SGD 12) for Korean Bank transfer fee. On top of that, I paid another SGD 30 for Singapore Bank transfer fee. In total , I paid about SGD 1300.

3. Course Registration

Course registration was done by the buddy assigned to me because the course registration site is all in Korean. What I did was to plan out my time table and tell my buddy the courses and the time that  I planned to take. On a side note, the course registration is based on first come first serve basis. Because my application was delayed, my buddy was assigned to me few days before the course registration opens. I was lucky that my buddy response on the day I was assigned to him by the International Office. There are 2 rounds of course registration so don’t panic if you cannot get the modules that you want in the first round.

4. Visa Application

There were a few things that I prepared before going down for visa application.

(a) One completed visa application form with One photo (see attachment)

(b) Original passport

(c) SMU letter to verify your student status, course enrolled and exchange programme.  This letter must beoriginal with the date of issue no more than 1 month from the date of application with us.

(d) Certificate of admission from University in Korea

(e) Your last 3 months bank statements or passbook in Singapore (original & photocopy); eStatement must be certified by bank before submission

(f) NRIC in Sg (original & photocopy)

(g) One copy of re-entry permit to Singapore (applicable to SPR only)

(h) Receipt or Acknowledgement letter for scholarship received or fees paid (if applicable)

For (e), if you wish to submit your parent’s bank accnt in Sg, please further produce your birth cert (original & photocopy) for relationship verification purpose.

NOTE: Visa application with us is assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Our officers reserve the rights to request for additional documents, if necessary.


Visa application fees (by CASH only):

– S$66 (single entry)

– S$106 (multiple entry)

The application took 4 days to process. That is provided if nothing went wrong. The collection date was stated on the receipt issued.

5. Purchase Air Ticket

I bought my air ticket from Koreanair at SGD 1009.80 as they provide the cheapest round ticket to Busan. I realised that air ticket to Busan is so much more expensive as compared to air ticket to Seoul. That is because there are limited airline flying to Busan. Alternatively, you can choose to fly to Seoul and take a train to Busan which cost about 30 SGD. It will save about 100 SGD.

6. Roommate Registration

If you are heading there with your friends, do remember to do a roommate registration. The registration was opened on 16 August 2012 0900 – 1600 (Korean Time). Roommate will be randomly assigned to you if you missed the registration period and this was what happened to me. I hope I get a decent roommate..

7. Purchase Travel Insurance

It is a must to purchase a travel insurance just in case something happens in Korea. Pusan National University (if staying in dormitory) and SMU international office requires us to submit a copy of the insurance policy online. This has to be done before we depart.

8. SMU Oasis Checklist

Remember to complete the check list before leaving. Failing to do so will result in you not being able to transfer the credit back to SMU.

I hope I don’t miss out anything. Now it’s time to start packing 🙂


Boss Bidding 2010

This time’s Boss Bidding for Term one is really insane. I swear. Probably, it’s the highest bidding ever as compared to the past bidding. When you thought you already bid damn freaking high but there’s someone who bid even higher than you. Not even close to the lowest bid. What a crap… There are so many windows opened for us but each time the bids are getting higher and higher which means that I am going to broke after bidding is done.

I planned to bid for 4.5 credit units but ended up getting only 2 credit units in Boss Bidding Window 1. There’s still a need to bid for 2.5 credit units which consists of 3 modules. I tried not to change the modules that I planned to take this semester so as to avoid having too many exams the next semester. 4 exams are already killing me so I guess having 3 exams per semester should not be a problem. I bid for my 2.5 credit units for the second window and I got only 0.5 credit unit which is only one module. Damn~ Apparently, 28 e$ isn’t high enough. How did those people manage to spend so much on one module when we were only given 50 e$ per semester?

Boss Bidding 1A opened today and closes on Thursday. So, what should I bid now? What, how and which? What to bid now? How much to bid for? which timing to bid for? Which prof is good? These are the questions that have to asked when bidding. Seems to be a simple question but it’s not. Of cause, popular prof would cost more. During my first bid, I thought that which prof doesn’t matter because they all cover the same thing. But I was wrong because different profs have a different workload. Therefore, which prof to choose is rather important.

I am going to bid for “Ethics” and “Technology and World Change” for this window. Wish me good luck ^^

Changing Cambodia

After 2 weeks of stay in Cambodia, I am back in Singapore again. We went there to do community service – building house. The houses there are small and simple but it’s not easy to build it especially under the hot sun. Nailing, shaving, etc. Must be wondering if we built it on our own. Of cause not, we built the house with the help of the construction workers. Without them, we wouldn’t know how to do it (:

Other than building house, we did some work in the school as well. Kinda tiring~

This was my first and my last OCIP trip because I promised my lao gong. Pretty good experience.

This whole trip is not only about OCIP. We went for some tour trip. Angkor Wat, riverside, Killing Field, S-21, etc…

I am too lazy to blog right now. Shall just upload some photos (:

Upload more when I feel like 🙂 Goodbye

I am back

I am back to blogging again. The reason why I haven’t been updating my blog is because I was too busy with my school work. I mean really really busy. Almost everyday, I stayed in school till late. When I reached home, the next thing I would do was to on my lappy. Not to watch series but to continue working on my assignment/study. Seriously, damn sad. Anyway, most of my projects were in groups. The worst thing about group project is you have a uncooperative  group mate who does not mail you the things that he is supposed to do on time and he doesn’t bother about how the project is going even when the deadline is coming. Hello, it’s our project not mine. But I enjoyed working with my LTB mates 🙂

Anyway, that kinda of life is over for the time being and now I having my summer break. I love it because I have not been relaxing for so long. During this summer break, I am going to learn Japanese. Hopefully by the end of this break, I am able to speak a little.

Oh yes, during my study week, I went to Hong Kong. It was a pretty short trip ( 4 days, 3 nights). The weather there was good. Very cooling. We went for sight seeing and shopping. If it was a free an easy trip, probably we will be shopping all day. Seriously! I shall upload the photos when I got it. That’s about it. Goodbye!


I freaking need this holiday desperately because school is like hell. It was only the first semester and I almost died. Thank god that I survived through. What I can say is that it’s really not easy especially when assignments are never ending. And now, I am going to fully utilized my one month of holiday. One month of holiday is considered extremely short so I am gonna play real hard.

I spent my first day of holiday packing my room to make it more spacious. When school starts, I will have more space to do my work. Basically, I spent the whole day packing because there were a lot of O level books to be cleared . All those books belong to my younger sister and I was the one packing! It’s okay because I feel contented after packing because it is very neat.

I messed up my whole room while packing. I guess I threw away a lot of things which I think that it’s not necessary to keep it. Shopping for stuff is good but when it comes to packing, it’s horrible because you got no idea whether to throw or not to.

I found this neoprint that I took with Kitty while packing my room. If I did not remember wrongly, it was taken when we were in secondary one. Not sure if Kitty still has it. Haha.

I kept this key chain for damn long and it’s still unused. My dad bought this for me when I at the age of 11 at Sentosa souvenir shop. Didn’t want to use it because I am afraid that the chain will get rusty.

This is my room after packing. Feel so comfortable. Haha. Make sure my sister don’t mess it if not I will kill her! That’s about it for today. Goodnight!