Korean Series

I am in love with Korean Series.

I know what you are gonna say. You will say this kind of show is boring.

While I am watching, you will be sleeping or rather surf net.

Ha Ha


Cruel Love

Director: Kwon Kye Kong

Actor: Kwon Sang Woo , Lee Yo Won, Kim Seong Soo

I have been watching this korean show the whole day. This show is so addictive. It makes me keep watching.

It is actually a very sad show as you can see from the title. This girl named Ren Jing fall in with this guy called Ki Xiu He if I did not remember wrongly. She did not know that he’s a married guy. One day, Xiu He finally told her that he is already married. She accepted the fact that he is married. Because of love, she did not want to give up so she continued to persue her love no matter what difficulty she has to go through. Xiu He did not think the same way due to his career path. He needs to stay with his wife to go further in his career. Partly is because of his mum who likes to gamble a lot. Holding on to this relationship makes Ren Jing suffer a lot. She got beaten by Xiu He’s wife and also lost her child. Xiu He did nothing when he saw her got beaten up. Bastard guy. After miscarriage, she decided to end this realtionship with him and start her new life with her dad. She worked very hard to pay for her dad’s medical fee.

One day, she met another guy called Yong Ji and they fall in love. She was so afraid to get into another relationship but she still did. She truely love this guy. That guy love her too. Little did she know that Xiu He is Yong Ji’s sister-in-law. Xiu He is a very selfish guy. Because of him, he forced her to leave Yong Ji. Ren Jing realli planned to live Yong Ji but she realised that she love him a lot and could not leave him. Neither do Yong Ji wants to leave her. He wants to be with her forever and ever. When Ren Jing come to realise that she will cause him problem, she make up her mind that she had to leave him no matter how hurting it is.

Somehow, Yong Ji manage to keep her by his side as a secretery. Another conflict comes. This is where I stopped.

I think in real life such thing won’t happen. Shows are always unrealistic. But I love watching it. I can’t wait to finish watching and know that conclusion. Did she choose Xiu He or Yong Ji?