I am back

Finally, I am back to blogging. Goodness, I just realized that I haven’t blog since August 2010. Look at what SMU has done to my awesome life. Life sucks being an SMU SIS student but at the same time, there is a sense of satisfaction when you managed to complete all the projects after many many sleepless nights with your awesome group mates. When I think about it, I thought that it was kind of fun entertaining each other when we were all about to fall asleep. Hence, I have never regretted signing up for this. 3 years ago, I was complaining and whining that 4 years course is damn long and now I am left with just a year before stepping into the real society. Enjoy max first before seeing the real horror.

I shall update a bit on my life since I have a bit of time to do so. It’s the 14th week of school which means that most of the assignments have been submitted not long ago and holiday is near the corner!!! I am so waiting for this long vacation to arrive because I am flying to Thailand!!! First to Bangkok and then to Krabi. For your information, it is my first time going to Thailand. Excited because I can shop like a queen there. Haha. Before enjoying, I should work hard on my Final Year Project and get myself well-prepared for the final presentation which is held next week. Seriously, I can’t wait for next week to come because our sponsor is not a nice person to work with. He simply doesn’t know what he what. For a moment, he wants this and for the next moment, he doesn’t want it any more. Project is going to end soon so we shall endure a little bit more. When project ends, we shall put up a smile and say goodbye to them.

I have applied for Korea exchange 2 month ago and I got a reply from ISEP that I have been nominated as one of the candidates for Pusan National University. Though Pusan wasn’t my first choice in the application, I am still happy that I got nominated. Anyway, I have just submitted the necessary documents to the in-charge. Now, I am just waiting for these documents to be sent to Pusan National University for processing. Once it’s being processed and confirmed, I can proceed to apply for visa, book air ticket, etc. Hopefully, PNU will response within a short period of time so that I don’t have to pay so much for my air ticket.

Time to go back to work. Have a goodnight everyone 🙂

Driving and Studies

Haven been blogging for a period of time because I am a little too lazy to do so. I have completed stage 2 of my driving moving on to stage 3 the next lesson which is tomorrow. Booked my traffic police test on the 3rd of September. Therefore, I am gonna chiong for my practical lesson. I think I am able to complete in time. Hopefully, I won’t get a sucky instructor again. Sucky instructor: Talk throughout the whole lesson and never even teach a single thing.

I am gonna start school soon. Pretty sad. School again. School will start on the 17th of August but I have to go for orientation and going for my school camp. Hopefully it will be fun. SMU school fee is so expensive >.< but what to do. I am going to spend 4 years of my life in SMU. Got to start choosing the module I want. I guess will be pretty busy when school starts. I am mentally prepared and I am gonna survive through this 4 years. Jia you for myself.

Enjoy before school starts. Ha Ha. I am going to desaru this weekend with lao gong and his family. WooHooo. But I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday with my family on the exact date. After this trip, we are going to KL. I have never been to KL. I wanna go shopping ^_^ Enjoying life