Japanese Hair Bun

I learnt how to tie a Japanese hair bun from this video. This is a very good tutorial. Maybe you would want to learn it from this video.

Do try it on your own. Jia you ๐Ÿ™‚


Buffalo wings at Sunset Grill Pub

Again, we went to have buffalo wings at Sunset Grill Pub. This was the first time we went this year. For those who don’t know, Sunset Grill Pub is actually located at selatar camp. Once you reach selatar camp, look out east camp sign and follow. If you follow, you will be able to get there very easily. If not, you will lost your way. I can say that the place is quite ulu. I got to know that place because of my sister. She brought me there.

It was raining heavily when we were on the way there. After eating, my stomach feel uncomfortable because it’s abit too spicy for my stomach but not my mouth. Feel hot in my stomach. We ate 1.5 dozen down there and packed half a dozen back for my sister. It’s cheaper to buy one dozen and pack half of it back. Half a dozen cost $20 and one dozen cost $31.50. I guess it’s because the amount of chili sauce they used is the same. We went there just to eat buffalo wings because their main course is not that fantastic. Furthermore, it’s quite expensive.

We went to Jalan Kayu to have dinner. Ate prata over there. I am so full now. Next, home sweet home.

Finally, my Toshiba laptop revive again. I got a new adapter already and it’s working. So happy. Ha Ha. Now, I can use my lappy without twist and turn the adapter for so many times. No more beeping sound. Now I am using my own laptop. I can shift it freely without worrying about the adapter.

I have learnt how to tie Japanese bun. It’s nice. Ha Ha. It’s not that difficult actually. After the bun is up, you have to spread the side of the bun easily. My sister spread it for me.




Happy Birthday to my dearest lao gong. You are older by one year already. Ha Ha. Hope you enjoyed today. So sorry to spoil part of your day. Sorry.

Anyway, we went to Orchard today for movie, lunch, shopping and then followed by dinner. The movie we watched is confession of shopping. It’s quite nice and hilarious. People, you should catch it. Before movie, we went for lunch at Shoduko. The service there was bad. Bad Bad Bad. After coming back from Japan, I feel that Singapore service is bad. It’s true. Ha Ha.

We joined lao gong’s parents for dinner because we had got no idea what to eat. After dinner, home sweet home. That’s about it.

I won’t be updating my blog frequently because it’s tired after work. Goodnight.

Kelong Acheh

After one night of stay in Kelong Acheh, I am back in Singapore. Kelong is actually a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood. In another word, it is a resort in the middle of the sea.

My dad and his college booked a van to pick up at two location. One was at my house and the other location was at Kranji. The journey there was freaking long. It’s around 2+ hours. I slept through the journey. When we arrived in Malaysia, the driver brought us to a place for breakfast. I had Mee Rebus for my breakfast. It taste great but the portion was quite small. After that, we proceed on with our journey.

When we were about to reach the jetty, I saw lots of buffelo as well as lots of shit on the road. Damn dirty. Imagine you drove there, you are gonna wash your car wheel when you get back home. Anyway, before reaching the kelong, we had to take a boat.

When I first step into the kelong, I don’t feel safe because it’s all made of wood. And when the current is too strong, the kelong starts to shake a bit. My dad started fishing after we settle down. Sun in the after was damn hot so I stayed in the shade with my mum watching my dad fish. My sis went to join my dad when she got bored. But I am still sitting down there enjoying the shade. Fall a sleep on the chair while watching them fish. So tired. I joined them in the evening when it’s not so hot. Fishing needs lots of patient. The fishes there were too smart to kena hooked. I did not caught any but my sis caught 2 small ones. There’s one guy who caught a buffer fish. That was the first time I saw buffer fish. The teeth of the buffer fish looks exactly like human’s teeth. It looks ugly. Ha Ha. It bloated up like a ball to protect itself from being harmed.

It’s dinner time! Actually, they provide us with a lot of meal. I felt that I had been eating continuously the whole day. When we just reached the kelong, we had one meal. Followed by tea break, then dinner and lastly dessert as supper. I was quie disappointed with the food. It’s really quite awful. The Asam fish taste so plain so watery. Bad. Not only that, most of their food taste plain.

Oh ya, around 3+, there’s a boat that brought us to a beach. Guess what, the beach that we were brought to look so desserted and small. No where to go so we decided to go back to the kelong. Once we go, we had to stay there till 5pm. It’s so hot and there’s nothing for us to do over there so going back was the best choice. My dad thought that it’s another beach that they went previously with coconut to drink, with volley ball to play with but sad to say it’s not. Kena cheated.

Night time was damn freaking cold. It was raining cats and dogs. The wind was so strong that even a cup can be blown off. No kidding. This period of time was really bored because we can’t do anything. Wait till the rain stopped, my dad continue fishing. He still think that there’s chance to hooked a big fish up but I guess he’s disappointed. He’s only there to feed those hungry fishes.

I did not bath yesterday because the water was too cold. If I were to bath, everyone will wake up because I am too noisy. So dirty so sticky but I still fell a sleep with my smelly and sticky body. My sis was as dirty as me. Ha Ha.

When we lay down on the bed, we couldn’t stop laughing because people there snore extremely loud. One of them snore very randomly. Suddenly, he snore damn loud and just for once. I know we are bad but just couldn’t stop. I fall a sleep after a while. Super duper tired.

Woke up early in the morning. Morning was very very cold. The wind kept blowing and blowing and followed by the rain. We had Nasi Lemak for our breakfast. The chilli was nice but not the rice. There’s only egg for my Nasi Lemak. It’s kind of pathetic. After breakfast, we played majong with daddy. I wrapped myself with blanket while playing else I will be shivering all the way.

We left that place at 11am. Took the boat back to the jetty and waited for the driver to come and fetch us. He was late by half an hour. Next, we proceed to another place for seafood. The seafood restuarant shouldn’t be named after seafood restuarant because they don’t even have crab and sotong. Lucky they have prawns else totally got no seafood.

After meal, here comes our long journey back to Johor Bahru. I was wondering how the driver drive for such a long hour. Pei fu.

*Fast forward* Back to my house. First thing I did was to bath. Cannot stand myself being so smelly. Then after that out for dinner.

This trip is rather a good experience for us because I had never been to such a place. Next time, my dad will bring us to another Kelong with beautiful beach, with coconut for us to drink and volley ball for us to play.

I am so tired now. I am gonna end here. Goodnight.


























Final Semester Result

After 3 years of Poly life, I have graduated from Singapore Polytechnic but there’s still graduation ceremony. The Graduation Ceremony is held on the 26th of May. I have gotten back my final semester result a few days ago and now waiting for the admission into university. Lao gong has been accepted by NUS. Congrats to him. Now its my turn and I’m prayin that I am able to get in.


Semester GPA: 3.674

Cummulative GPA: 3.469

As compared to last semester GPA, I deproved quite a lot. However, I am still quite satisfy with my result. I knew that my Mid semester test is gonna pull my GPA down. But still not that bad. Ha Ha

Driving Enrollment

Actually, I planned to registered for driving lesson at BBDC tomorrow. But lao gong asked me if I have the time to go for lesson since I am going to work soon. Monday to Friday, I am gonna work. For Saturday and Sunday, it will be more expensive. So baiscally I have got no time to learn. So I have decided that register when school reopen. I know that I am dragging but I have got no choice.

Secondary School Girls’ Outing

After 7 month, we met up again. All thanks to Wen Ya for organising this outing. We went to Marina Barrage for a Chit Chat session. I brought Jian Ying along for this outing because we went to cut hair before meeting them. Anyway, it’s a enjoyable outing. We talked about the past and I guess Jian Ying was a bit boring because she didn’t know what we are talking about. But she is able to blend in quite well. Ha Ha. They said that I looked “dao” when they first met me. This is something I don’t know. I thought I was friendly but that’s not the truth. It’s ok.

Took lots of photo. Around 150. That place is so beautiful that we kept taking photo but Wen Ya seems tired of taking photo because WE JUMPED ALOT. Jump Shot. It’s not easy to take a jump shot because everyone jump at different timing. Jian Ying was the one taking photo for us. So nice of you.

Around 7+pm, they left the place. Jian Ying and I continue to chit chat because we haven’t meet for quite a while. Nice chit chat session ๐Ÿ™‚
























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